Best indie, Instagram-worthy scented candles to buy: Wikstudios, Soohyang, Balsalt Balsalt, and more

Best indie, Instagram-worthy scented candles to buy: Wikstudios, Soohyang, Balsalt Balsalt, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @wikstudios

As Buro. Singapore readers, you probably pride yourself on being devastatingly original. (Like attracts like, right?) It's also likely that you possess a keen sense for all things up-and-coming; strive to be a pioneer in your field; and are intent on keeping a finger on the pulse of the beauty realm. To support your pursuit of groundbreaking, never-before-seen offerings, we're sharing our findings regarding candles beyond the mainstream. Expect quirky, handcrafted finds, offbeat designs, and the like.


This South Korean label is a millennial's wet dream. Scent-wise, you'll find that fan-favourite ingredients such as lavender and citrus are given a facelift, where they are combined with unconventional elements to produce unique blends. Lavender Darling, for instance, comes with aromatic violet leaves, while Fresh Mint Darling holds hints of cloves for added heat and spiciness. The dusty pink packaging is the cherry on top of this smoke show.


Boy Smells

The accessible, vivacious label prides itself on scents that aren't conceived with the gender binary in mind. Translation: products that dismiss traditional interpretations of masculinity and femininity for fragrance bouquets beyond your wildest dreams. Foam-free packaging and a minimal usage of plastics further cements their status as one of the most woke brands out there. Six-time Grammy Award winner, Kacey Musgraves, is a fan, and has teamed up with the brand to launch a candle celebrating one of her beloved records.



Now, this is one candle you'll be determined to burn for days on end. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind combination of chemicals, this bad boy eventually melts to reveal a cute — and macabre — skeleton underneath. Yes, this means you get two-in-one: a candle, and a nifty thingamajig that can double as a key holder or even a chic bookend. What's not to love? Choose from nine designs ranging from the mighty stag to the peace-loving bunny.



If you can imagine it, Wikstudios is likely to have it. The rising brand handcrafts their products and drops designs that perfectly encapsulate key mainstays of Gen Y culture. We're talking candles shaped like cult sneakers (Nike Air Force 1), praying hands emojis, and even a (literal) bomb. After all, there's nothing like an offering that does all the talking for you, right? Wikistudios gets it. We foresee bigger things coming yet.


Basalt Basalt Candles

This self-proclaimed "bougie parfumée" has quickly become many a mover-and-shakers go-to for rich, intoxicating fragrances. Each soy candle is contained within an industrial paint can that are said to burn for up to 50 hours, eventually dissipating to imbue any space with its tantalising scent. We recommend Dark Tides, which toes the fine line between fresh and sultry with notes of seawater and cedar.