Best beauty supplements you should try: Drinkable retinol, hair growth potions and more

Best beauty supplements you should try: Drinkable retinol, hair growth potions and more

Eat your vitamins

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @avreyovard

If we're taking a certain renowned poet literally, it seems beauty is only skin deep. At least, it was, before aesthetic treatments, beauty gadgets, and ingestible beauty a.k.a. beauty supplements, came along. In this new age, procedures and products often assure results that go beyond surface transformations.

Instead, expect inside-out targeted solutions that get to the root of your concerns. Dull skin is counteracted by probiotic capsules that help restore the 'good' and 'bad' levels of bacteria within the body, resulting in an overall improved complexion. Brittle nails are strengthened with biotin, a vitamin that aids in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids essential for nail growth. Red, inflamed complexions will benefit from collagen supplements, surprisingly enough, as ingesting them provides an internal amino boost that helps calm and soothe skin.


Not all supplements are made equal, though. Some — despite their bold claims — prove to be entirely ineffectual and (unsurprisingly) lacking in medical and scientific substantiations. We root the wheat from the chaff for you; below, the supplements that have made the cut and earned a coveted spot in our beauty routines. Start taking notes.

For those who want a brighter complexion: try the RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Prebiotic
Probiotics — most commonly used in relation to the much-adored health drink, Yakult — is becoming a game-changer in skincare these days. It contains properties that balance the pH of both your skin and gut; building up an abundance of good bacteria that fights infections, strengthens the immune system, and even calms acne- and eczema-prone skin. This offering by RMS beauty does just that, with Refinery29 writer, Georgia Murray, stating that it brightened her skin and reduced the likelihood of breakouts with sustained use.



For those who want supple, youthful-looking skin: try Sarah Chapman's Omega Booster + Supplements
According to aesthetic doctor, Dr. David Jack, the key to an effective anti-ageing supplement lies in the inclusion of vitamin C or E — not collagen. Apparently, scientific studies have shown that this is due to said powerful antioxidants providing a mighty defense against environmental damage often responsible for the effects of skin ageing. Packed chockful of vitamin E alongside Omegas 3,6,7 and 9, the Omega Booster + Supplements by Sarah Chapman reduces skin irritation to give baby-smooth, soft skin that takes years off your visage.



For those who want to fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation and scarring: try the Integrative Beauty SkInfusion
Especially applicable to those who experience sensitivity and irritation to topical retinol solutions, those looking to experience the miraculous effects of vitamin A can try a drinkable form instead. As it is not as potent as its direct-to-skin counterparts, it promises the same regenerating and skin-replenishing effects without incurring any consequences for your complexion. 



For those who want thicker, fuller tresses: try the Ouai Thinning Hair Supplement
Regaining your crowning glory is made easy with a potent blend of biotin, silica, and amino acids — all of which accelerate natural hair growth, with the latter being an essential element of healthy keratin (a protein that is the key structural building block for hair production, FYI). This bad boy from Ouai does it all, alongside reducing hair breakage, restoring lost luster, and building longer, stronger strands. Sold.



For those with brittle, breakable nails, try the HUM Nutrition Killer Nails
Much like with hair, biotin remains the key ingredient to give stronger, thicker nails. This one comes formulated with a vegan biotin formula that increases nail thickness, reduces splitting, and evens out the surface of nails so polishes go on easier than before. Reducing the likelihood of a chipped manicure? Yes please.