Your stay-at-home National Day pampering routine

Your stay-at-home National Day pampering routine

Beauty parade

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you've got no party or barbecue plans, and are catching the parade at home, why not take the time to create a mini spa at home?

If watching the National Day parade is a kind of a tradition for you, but you get a bit bored sitting down for two hours, here's a novel way to pass the time. Pick up some beauty products or dig them up from your existing loot, and create your own National Day home spa. The Body Shop is a great place to pick up spa accessories like foot files and body brushes — and with outlets dotted throughout this island, it's pretty accessible. Call a friend (or two) and ask them to bring their own stash, and you can double or triple the fun. Put on a robe, get the towels ready, sit back and start the sparty.

When's the last time you had the time to actually put a hair mask on for the requisite 15-20 minutes without having to rush off somewhere? Just before the parade starts, apply a generous dollop from just after the roots to the ends of your hair, cover your tresses in cling wrap, and put a hot towel over it. Remove the mask during an ad break — or those military segments that take pretty long — and gently detangle with a wide-toothed comb. Voila! You'll have hair that's super soft and shiny.

Ouai Treatment Masque
If your skin has been acting a little schizophrenic of late, treat it with not one, but two masks. Try applying an oil-absorbing clay one on your T-zone if you have blackheads and roughness, and a hydrating or lifting masks on your cheeks and neck, to really reap the rewards of your dedication. If you're sharing with a friend, or just for general hygiene, always pick up the product with a clean applicator or ice-cream stick for each user.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask and Rose Face Mask
If you've been stuffing your feet in tight heels all month or chasing after Pokémon, sit back and relax with a pampering foot soak. Just apply a sachet of bath salts  — epsom salts mixed with baking soda and a few drops of essential oils will also do —  to a basin that's big enough for your feet. But make sure not to make the water too hot as it can cause skin to feel dry and itchy. After soaking, you may or may not want to use a natural pumice stone to smooth out rough skin at the heels (Hint: Do this in the shower and don't go to town on them.) Finally, slather on a rich and hydrating foot balm and massage onto your heels and entire foot. If you're in air-conditioning, consider wearing socks to lock in the moisture.

Akileïne Regenerating Cream for Very Dry Feet

If too many gel nail polishes have left your nails looking worse for wear, do a quickie manicure at home. What you'll need, an emery board to file nails into shape, a buffer to create natural shine, and some cuticle oil drops to moisturise your dry and ragged nail beds. It won't be a Instagram-worthy mani, but at least your nails will look clean and neat.

Deborah Lipmann Cuticle Oil