World Cup 2018: The best face masks to use at half time

World Cup 2018: The best face masks to use at half time

15 minute treat

Text: Renée Batchelor

Have you been caught in the World Cup spirit yet? If you're up late anyway, make use of the time to do a face mask

Okay you're probably wondering what the World Cup has to do with face masks. If you've decided that you don't want to be a soccer widow after all, have paid the exorbitant subscription fees, and are actually actively watching matches from home, we've found the perfect way to stay awake and make use of those extra waking hours. Use a face mask.

Face masks help 'mask' tired-looking skin and help you look that much more bright-eyed the morning after. And the fact that they take under 15 minutes to use make them ideal as a half time pick-me-up. While you're at it, why not pick a mask that shows your support for your favourite team. Rooting for Brazil? Or secretly betting on England? Here are some picks that guarantee perfect radiance and plumped up skin despite the fact that you've hardly been getting any sleep at all. 

Think it's time for Brazil to avenge its 2014 loss to Germany? You've basically made the same prediction as some of the AI bots that have been employed to pick the 2018 winner. Pay homage to the team that arguably plays the most beautiful football with a mask rich in the country's natural ingredients like açai berry and guarana seed extract. This vegan mask from The Body Shop is great for energising tired skin, so you'll emerge with a more radiant and softened complexion. 
Recommended application time: 5-10 minutes

The Body Shop Amazonian Açai Energising Radiance Mask, $32.90

Kind of a dark horse in the competition, Sweden started strong, winning its first match against South Korea (and eventually made it to the quarter-finals). And surprise! The country that brought you ABBA and Ikea also has some beauty brands like Byredo, Estelle & Thild and also minimalist skincare brand Verso. Try their Deep Hydration Mask for a boost of much-needed moisture, and since this comes in a eight-pack, slap this on whoever else needs it as well.
Recommended application time: 20 minutes. But you can peel this off and massage the excess in.

Verso Deep Hydration Mask, $135 for 8 pieces, from Escentials

Supporting a team of an Asian persuasion? The Japanesepulled off a victory against Colombia and made it all the way to the final 16 before losing to Belgium. Known for being innovators in all fields, Japanse skincare is one of the most advanced you'll find. This luxurious three-step Illuminating Mask from Clé de Peau Beauté may seem a tad complicated, but it infuses hydrating ingredients deep into the skin and the amazing results are so worth it.
Recommended application time: Follow steps 1 to 3 and remove after 10 minutes.

Clé de Peau Beauté Illuminating Mask, $35 per piece

The hardworking South Korean team have gone far before — remember how they made it all the way to the semi-finals in 2002? Though they didn't fare as well this time, they did knock reigning champions Germany out of the running. With the whole world in love with Korean culture — from K-pop to K-beauty — whipping out a good brightening mask is par for the course. This one, from quintessential Korean brand Sulwhasoo, uses white ginseng and honey to remove impurities and comes with a brush for easy application.
Recommended application time: After 10 minutes, massage into skin and wash off with lukewarm waterSulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Exfoliating Mask, $85

Are you a sucker for punishment? Thought so. The one time winner (they held the Jules Rimet trophy just once in 1966) may not have the best track record, but the Barclays Premier League remains one of the most popular around the world. Harry Kane and team have have had a pretty good run thus far, making it to the final eight. Give your skin (and senses) a treat with an aromatic, organic face mask from classic apothecary-style English brand Neal's Yard Remedies. The White Tea Enriching Facial Mask, is made from white tea and purifying kaolin clay, and is great for soothing sensitive and dry skin.
Recommended application time: Rinse off after 10 minutes