Which Louis Vuitton fragrance are you?

Which Louis Vuitton fragrance are you?

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you haven't already heard, Louis Vuitton is launching seven luxury scents in its Les Parfums Louis Vuitton collection next week. Find out which is the right one for you

One of the most covetable collections to hit the beauty scene in recent memory is Les Parfum Louis Vuitton — the first release of fragrances by the house in over 60 years. Created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the collection of seven different scents are all so compelling and unique, it can be hard to pick a favourite. Take a look at all the offerings below to have a better idea of what to expect from each scent, but remember to head thee to the boutique on 15 September to have a whiff for yourself. You'll have to smell them on your skin to truly experience these luxurious fragrances.

You love receiving giant bouquets of roses, grand gestures on social media, and are first in line for Bridget Jones' Baby.
Try Rose des Vents
To create the sensation of petals floating in the wind, a trio of roses was used to capture the full voluptuousness of the rose, while still retaining its distinctly delicate character. Other notes include iris and cedar, for a lush floral that is anything but a wallflower scent.

Rose Des Vents


You love standing out from the crowd, trying new cuisines and visiting exotic travel destinations. You don't shy away from attention-grabbing scents.
Try Turbulences
A stunning intermingling of tuberose — described as the most narcotic of flowers and rightfully so — and jasmine. Touches of magnolia, May rose and leather makes for a totally swoon-worthy scent.



You love quiet moments, uncluttered spaces and clean, chic lines in your clothing. The typical fruity florals on the market, will have you wrinkling your nose in distaste.
Try Dans la Peau
Translated from the French, it means under my skin. Like the barest caress of fabric on skin, this sexy, unique and head-turning blend of leather and musks will have those near you clamouring for a second sniff.

Dans la Peau

You love
order in your design — think ikebana floral arrangements — beautiful prints and the simplicity of a strand of pearls. Cherry blossom season in Japan and the beautiful order of nature is a particular inspiration.
Try Apogée
Created as a tribute to Japan, this elixir of innoncence is a blend of radiant lily-of-the-valley, Grasse jasmine, magnolia and May rose and smoky, guaiac wood, for a clean, green, refined fragrance.



You love enjoying all that life has to offer — from that extra slice of cake, the finest boutique champagne and the company of good friends.
Try Contre Moi
This non-traditional, vanilla-based scent has that comforting quality we love about vanilla combined with a cascade of delicate petals from the orange blossom, rose and magnolia, as well as bitter cocoa and the metamorphosing ambrette seed for contrast.

Contre Moi


You love
film noir, bitter chocolate and a glass of Burgundy. A woman of secrets, your tastes run towards the dark: from horror movies to metaphysics. 
Try Matière Noire
There's a reason this scent is called dark matter. Exploring the rich and multi-faceted fragrance of Laotian agarwood, this is amplified by blackcurrant, incense and benzoin balm, and contrasted with narcissus and sambac jasmine, for a truly intoxicating brew.

Matiere Noire

You love the spotlight. Sociable, witty and accomplished... if you were a handbag, you would be a bright, raspberry red Louis Vuitton one.
Try Mille Feux
This blend of the brand's specially infused leather extract, osmanthus and raspberry fuse perfectly for a scent that resonates like an emotional bombshell and glows like the Northern lights on skin.

Mille Feux

Available in 100ml, 200ml, travel-sized sprays and a miniature set. From $370-$540. Exclusively at Louis Vuitton stores from 15 September