What having a facial in a bubble feels like

What having a facial in a bubble feels like

All I need is the air that I breathe

Text: Renée Batchelor

It made its debut at the Oscars nearly eight years ago, and now Natura Bissé's Pure Air Bubble Facial is here for a limited time in Singapore. We were one of the lucky few to try it

Imagine being invited to a facial in a giant bubble. As a beauty editor, I've seen it all, but this was a new and exciting enough prospect to get me down to Adeva Spa in Paragon to give it a go. Gimmick or something with true benefits... that was the question. Natura Bissé, a luxury Spanish skincare company that retails in Escentials, first debuted this bubble facial in 2009 at the Oscars — the space where the celebrity clientale literally breathe rarified air. The facial products uses exotic ingredients like diamond dust, gold and a pearl blend and seals each client up in a bubble tent, making it one of the most pampering and exclusive skin treats you'll ever experience. 

Chromo-Rejuvenating Mask
The 90-minute long Diamond Life Infusion Ritual is meant to be anti-ageing and skin brightening, regulating the four key skin-age biomarkers and in the process, bringing back nearly four years of your skin age. Once I was dressed in my towel and led in, the tent was zipped up to retain the 99.95 per cent of pure air inside. While my tent was white and housed in the spacious indoors of Adeva Spa, the images suggest some may have been lucky enough to experience it in a see-through tent facing beautiful scenery. Nonetheless I was glad to be inside the bubble, which began to feel almost like air-conditioning after awhile. The purer air is meant to detoxify and enhance your experience, and even without the facial, after 90 minutes in this environment, your circulation will improve as will your general sense of wellbeing. Maybe it was a placebo effect, but I really felt like my lungs were inhaling purer air after awhile.

After a proper cleansing, the Diamond Life Infusion Concentrate was applied. Following this were a combination of four massages, including Ayurvedic and Japanese cranial massage, as well as the Diamond Experience Magnet Massager to reduce inflammation and promote microcirculation. I was also given a skin peel, that did tingle and sting a bit, but once removed, a special Chromo-Rejuvenating Mask, that contained LED lights, was placed on my face to stimulate collagen and boost anti-ageing effects even further. This mask added to the entire sci-fi, futuristic effect of the experience and while it might seem like a gimmick, LED lights have been proven to have healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The final mask was the ultra-luxe Diamond Experience Youth Infusion Bio-Mask to firm the skin and give my complexion the polish and radiance it needed. Despite what felt like potent ingredients — the peel may not be suitable for sensitive skin — my face was not at all irritated by this treatment. That got me breathing a sigh of relief as too many facials over a short period had over-stimulated my skin at one point. Instead what I saw was radiant, even-toned and plumped up visage, that was ready for the party season ahead. While the 
Diamond Life Infusion Ritual is available at Adeva Spa year-round, the treatment in the bubble is only for media and spa VIPs. As it will only be in Singapore till the end of this month, do give the spa a call to check if there's any available slots.

From $188. Adeva Spa is at #06-22 Paragon, 6836-9988. Natura Bissé retails at Escentials