5 ways to get bigger lips

5 ways to get bigger lips

Pucker up pretty

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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All the makeup methodologies that’ll have you perfecting that pout

We can't rightly say when the fascination with plumped kissers came about, but it's possibly attributed to Angelina Jolie and her infamous bee stung lips when the actress hit the big time in the early '2000s. With every media outlet hailing her full pout on the front pages, it wasn't long before surreptitiously popping by the local Botox specialist became de rigeur for women looking to amp up their lips — including a laundry list of famous faces that (suspiciously) grew bigger pouts overnight. Drastic measures aside, there are ways around filling out your lips without making a beeline to the nearest plastic surgeon, so here are a handful of tricks to try that'll give your kissers that sought-after lushness:

The tried-and-tested method to achieving a fuller pout, all you need is a matching lipliner and lipstick duo to get the job done. Make like friend of Buro Yvette King and draw outside the lines, and resist the urge to reach for your matte lipstick, as the flat finish will detract from the illusion of luscious lips.

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You can't go wrong with glitter is what they say, and holographic glosses are the next level in shine. Crammed with a multitude of reflective flecks that play off every angle of light hitting your lips, your kissers are instantly catapulted into the lush leagues. Now throw on some gloss and go.

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You know something's legit when even Oscar-winner Emma Stone is using it. Hot off the Korean beauty community, these newfangled gel lip masks lightly plump, hydrate, and even give your lips a healthy tint of colour. Say hello to the new step in your nighttime beauty routine.

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The non-invasive alternative to injections, lip plumpers are the purse (and pocket) friendly method to getting a sexy pout. With a patented formula medically proven to dilate the blood vessels in your lips, a liberal application of Too Faced's Lip Injection is your pout's oh-so-kissable secret weapon.

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When all else fails, the poster girl of lip fillers a.k.a. Kylie Jenner certainly makes a compelling case to call up the surgeon's office for the most expensive lip enhancement money can buy. But if the price tag is just a tad too steep — or needles aren't your thing — there's always her lip kits to consider.

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