Watch now: How to get the cool washes of colour at Exhibit's SGFW 2016 show

Strokes of genius

Text: Renée Batchelor

Go backstage with the lead makeup artist at the recent Exhibit show at Singapore Fashion Week to witness the tricks and techniques for perfecting a vivid, coloured eye

We've all been there. Where we tried to experiment with an unusual colour and ended up looking sucker-punched in the eye. Yet when the professionals wield their seemingly magic brushes, the result always looks unerringly modern and effortless. Here Aarika Lee goes backstage with Nars' Jane Richardson, the lead makeup artist for Yoyo Cao's Exhibit show at the recent Singapore Fashion Week (SGFW) 2016 to share her techniques, tools and tricks for nailing this look.

Sarah Richardson backstage
In the video, Richardson reveals that there were three colour variations on the models: purple, brown and maroon eyeshadows — that were inspired and representative of Cao's romantic, haunting collection. Richardson showed Lee the best brush to create the even spread and control of colour to create this directional look. The best technique? Circular motions, that help you move the pigment around the eye for the best control and colour payoff. 

Exhibit final look