5 unusual lipstick brands to try

5 unusual lipstick brands to try

Lead with your lippie

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Melt Cosmetics

If you wield your lipstick as the ultimate beauty weapon, you’ll want to your prime your arsenal with these five out-there lip colour brands

"Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world", said a wise anonymous source. And rightly so, if the large chest of lip colours sitting on our vanities is any indication. But contrary to popular belief, growing a lipstick collection requires a tad more consideration than simply swiping a row of tubes off a shelf. There are nuances in colours to consider, the suitability of your skin's undertones, whether a finish is matte, satin or crème...the list goes on. Cue the numerous browser search tabs and the endless colour swatches on your arm when you go lipstick hunting in Sephora.

Be it you're on the lookout for something a tad more outrageous or simply aiming to get your hands on a bonafide formula with an iron wear and stellar pigmentation — no, we're not talking about the over-proliferated Kylie Lip Kits — we've got a lipstick roll call lined up for your perusal.

1. Lipstick Queen
With a name like that, you can bet your selfie stick that their products rule the lippie omniverse, replete with a dedication to finding the perfect lipcolour and a staunch belief in lipstick's transformative power. Answering a higher call to help women find their lipstick destiny, founder and bonafide lipstick queen Poppy King tirelessly introduces a plethora of shades for every mood, every occasion and every outfit. Their latest marvel? The Frog Prince collection, an emerald green range consisting of lipstick, lipgloss and a blush that transforms into a rosy hue upon application. This magic is the good stuff. Shop here.

2. Melt Cosmetics
Not your run-of-the-mill lipstick label, Melt was founded by makeup partners-in-crime who were formerly working at Nordstrom's beauty counters. Fuelled by an insatiable passion and their dream of charting the industry with avant-garde lip shades (and shade names), Melt is the bold, radioactive culmination that's got all of womankind atwitter. If your objective is to incite envy and double takes with a killer pout, Melt Cosmetics is the gal's pal to keep one of in every purse. FYI, one-half of Melt's creators is Rihanna's go-to makeup artist (yes, the Rihanna). Shop here.

3. NYX
Though not an unfamiliar brand, most may not realise this high street favourite has overhauled their entire inventory that includes a shelf-splitting range of lip products. As if their lipstick selections were not already overwhelmingly massive before. The 'oldie-but-goodie' stuff gets some repackage lovin' for a sleeker updated look while new entrants like the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick boasts a plush, velvety formula paired with standout hues. Give 'Stone Fox' or 'Amethyst' a spin if you've been raring to amp up your lip colour game but have yet to commit to one for lack of an affordable price tag. Shop here.

4. Kat Von D
Witches, Vampira and Exorcism — no, they aren't plot devices in a horror film, they're shade names of Kat Von D's best-selling cult Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. Of course, no guesses as to what hues these names embody: Witches is a true pitch black, Vampira is deep reddish burgundy and Exorcism is the shade of ripe blackberries. But fret not for those who love the formula but want more everyday tones because the collection spans a broad variety of 28 shades. And if that's got you searching for swatches already, brace yourself for her Studded Kiss Lipstick range where you'll have your pick of colours and unique finishes including iridescent and metallic. Shop here.

5. Urban Decay
Alright, so you've all expected Urban Decay (UD) at some point and yes, they made the list. After all, as one of the most recognisable brands for daring beauty, they've certainly set the bar with a mammoth cult following to back it up. In answer to the clamours of their ardent consumers, UD has recently dropped their massive 100-shade Vice collection to much fanfare. A totally lust-worthy collection, colours include the Gwen Stefani collaboration lipsticks and brand new hues in the deepest blue and darkest purple. Our top picks include Pandemonium and Bad Blood but be warned, narrowing down your favourites from the cool 100 is one tall order. Shop here from August.