The unicorn-themed goodies to give your beauty routine that magic touch

The unicorn-themed goodies to give your beauty routine that magic touch

Pony up

Text: Angelyn Kwek


If your spirit animal is a unicorn, this is the makeup menu for you

You were sat by your Macbook/tablet/smartphone with your trigger finger on standby, waiting for the strike of midnight for the Colourpop x My Little Pony collection to drop when the news had been announced. After popping the entire collection into your cart and gleefully checking it out, you've now got an insatiable hankering for even more unicorn beauty goodies. Well, consider yourself in luck because the beauty gods have seen fit to bless us makeup junkies.

From rainbow colours and holographic finishes to iridescent formulas and a new fragrance, here are five products for you to get your fix of unicorn goodness:

1. Anna Sui Fantasia, $128 for 75ml
How many perfume flaçons can boast a unicorn as part of its design? A combination of romance, glamour and fantasy, Anna Sui does it once again with a new fragrance that captures the brand's unique whimsy. Made from spicy pink pepper and raspberry praline underscored by deeper notes of golden cypress and Himalayan cedar wood, this blend of fruity and woody is just the scent for all the unicorn lovers.

Anna Sui Fantasia

2. NYX Love You So Mochi eyeshadow palette, $32
While not strictly labelled with any overt signages, there's no denying the rich jewel tones and rainbow selection of colours are right up unicorn alley. You get 10 shades of silky eyeshadows in matte and shimmer finishes, each one soft to the touch with a bouncy texture not unlike its namesake, the Japanese mochi snack. Go on and satisfy your beauty sweet tooth.

Nyx Love You So Mochi eyeshadow palette

3. Too Faced Festival Refresh Spray, $24
We can't live without our setting sprays (especially in our weather), so this unicorn-inspired one is the next-level product to possibly mark as Holy Grail. Infused with opalescent pearls for all-over sparkling illumination that cools on contact, a few good spritzes will refine the pores, improve skin texture and add some rose quartz glow while you're at it. Yaasss, a makeup spray that's unicorn essence bottled. #need

Too Faced Festival Refresh Spray

4. Unicorn Cosmetics makeup brushes
Before My Little Pony made its makeup debut, Unicorn Cosmetics by UK beauty entrepreneur Mel Blue was fueling the unicorn trend and her makeup brushes were the stuff of collector's dreams. While the indie brand is now branching out with glosses and lashes, it's still the go-to if you're looking to get your hands on ridiculously pretty unicorn brushes.


5. Tarte Colour Splash Shade Shifting lipsticks, $33
We never say no to a good lippie, especially one that has shade-shifting properties. As part of its new Colour Splash lipstick collection, six limited edition shades have been launched to give you a multi-dimensional pout in duochrome, glitter, metallic or iridescent finishes. The eye-catching optic effects come in a formula that's made with buttery-smooth conditioners so you'll be able to keep wearing your unicorn kissers comfortably.