Coolest beauty finds we’ve scoured the Internet for

Coolest beauty finds we’ve scoured the Internet for

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

It’s time to make it rain because you won’t be able to resist not getting a piece of this makeup action

Don't get us wrong, we love our beauty cult classics and you can bet we've got backups of our Holy Grails, but there comes a time when you just have the urge to venture off-beat to seek out indie brands. Enter the World Wide Web and this wonderful, magical thing called online shopping where everything from everywhere is now accessible. And cue the growing hoard of makeup (you feelin' us, fellow junkies?). In our search for the coolest and/or kooky finds, here are three under-the-radar brands that'll have you filling up another vanity drawer. We can hear the cha-chings already.

1. Storybook Cosmetics
We were sold once we saw the Wizardry and Witchcraft eyeshadow palette. The inner Harry Potter geek in us had a freak-out and died — then died again. Founded by identical triplet sisters who love books and beauty (just our kind of gals), this is charmingly adorable makeup even the too cool for school girls won't say no to. P.S: There is a Mean Girls palette launching next month. YAAASSSS.



2. Luxie Beauty
You may or may not have caught on to them when Wonder Woman hit the big screen, seeing as the brand was buzzing a fair bit with their collab brush set on the superheroine. While this up-and-coming brand currently has more beauty tools and accessories — but you need that Wonder Woman compact mirror — and a only pair of palettes to its name, we're expecting big things from them.



3. Shiro Cosmetics
This is the motherlode for the nerdy (and punny) makeup lover. There are collections themed to TV shows, movies, books and boybands. Even the product names are super dope. You can choose from eyeshadow hues such as 'No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio', 'Still no Oscar for Leo DiCaprio' and 'Finally an Oscar for Leo DiCaprio'. Face, eyes, lips and nails; they have it all.