Trending now: The bleached blonde bob

Trending now: The bleached blonde bob

Blonde on blonde

Text: Renée Batchelor

When some of the world's biggest female stars are sporting the same hairstyle, you know a big trend is in the making

Not since the Rachel has a hairstyle been this popular. The bleached blonde bob or lob has been popping up on variety of celebrity heads. After years of boring and 'safe' hairstyles, Taylor Swift went for the crop (and the bleach) and has never looked edgier, debuting the look on the cover of Vogue. At Cannes, Kristen Stewart rocked it with a punk aesthetic, brown roots showing and with with defined, dark brows. Other ways to wear the look? Try baby bangs and bleached blonde ends for a quirky take, like Michelle Williams. Or go for an almost silvery platinum shade like Jennifer Lawrence or a pure white like Charlize Theron. Whatever way you choose to wear this style, you'll be in good company.

Kristen Stewart


Michelle Williams

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