Trending now: Rainbow brights

Trending now: Rainbow brights

In rainbows

Text: Renée Batchelor

Rainbows have always been a little girl's fantasy inspiration, but you'll see them on grown-up beauty treats as well

Hands up if you love a little beauty regression in your life? We've already written about unabashedly girly things like unicorn-themed beauty goodies. Now it's time to write move on to rainbow connections. As kids rainbows signified fun, colour and childlike enjoyment: Think ball rooms, Rainbow Brite dolls and Paddle Pop ice-creams. But we're seriously seeing them on everything these days, from fragrances to facedpaint.

Guerlain Météorites Summer Collection
We admit that we had an obsession with the Guerlain Météorites as children. Colourful pastel balls that exploded on the face just fascinated us. This summer, the brand has released a Rainbow Pearls edition with its signature Météorites in a rainbow-splashed tin. A new product is the Le Parfum, which captures the violet-tinged and powdery scent of the colourful Météorites in a bottle. 
Guerlain Meteorites

Crayola makeup
We've already written about Crayola makeup and how it reignited our childhood love for those skinny crayons. The ultimate in fun facepaint, pick from multi-use face crayons, chubbier highlighters and colour-changing lipsticks. The more colourful, the better.

Crayola beauty look

Rainbow hair
Type in #rainbowhair and you'll see tonnes of inspiration on Instagram. Hairstylists are pushing creativity to the limits by using new techniques like adding super fine splices or dividing the hair into distinct portions for a pop effect. Afraid of taking the plunge? Try a rainbow wig like Cardi B.