Trending now: Ponytails at the American Music Awards 2016

Trending now: Ponytails at the American Music Awards 2016

Flip it and whip it

Text: Renée Batchelor

It's ponytail season as the stars demonstrated in droves at this year's American Music Awards. From sky-high styles to soft and sexy versions, get your holiday hair inspiration from these celebrities

The American Music Awards may have been missing a couple of key stars — think Beyoncé, Solange and a certain Miss Swift, but the ones that did come made sure they looked fabulous. A key look trending this year? Ponytails. Of course Ariana Grande did not disappoint with her ubiquitous ponytail — this time she added tiny, braided details and super long extensions. Fun fact? Grande's real hair is dark and curly, but if you have the money and time, a swishy and voluminous ponytail can be added to even lackustre tresses. Ciara — newly minted mum-to-be, and Revlon spokesmodel — showed off her trendy, overgrown bangs. Wear them centre parted and literally hanging in your face, but never put too much product or they'll look greasy. Also working the piecey-bangs-pony combination was actress Olivia Munn — we think this look makes her look almost pixie-like.

Another starlet who really impressed with her look this year was Selena Gomez. Looking almost womanly with polished makeup and a sleek and elegant, centre part, Gomez was giving us serious beauty inspo for work functions and Christmas brunches. And finally for high-octane glamour, look to Karlie Kloss' super high ponytail anchored at the top of her head — supermodel bone structure not included.

Ariana Grande

Ciara Olivia Munn

Selena Gomez

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