Trending now: The top three beauty looks according to Instagram

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Trending now: The top three beauty looks according to Instagram
Give us today our daily feed for the patron gods of beauty trends have spoken. Or rather, posted online

Nary a month into 2017 and the Insta-verse is already pinging beauty trends off every makeup addict's radar with a slew of newfangled looks to covet and try. Plus if you're staunchly devoted to your social media feed for inspiration on, well... just about everything, chances are you might have already stumbled onto a new beauty trend or two — as if there wasn't enough to catch up on leftover from 2016. But you know what they say: Beauty waits for no (wo)man. So what's the makeup mill churning out this year that's whipping the beauty community into a frenzy? We round up the top three trends you need to like and follow, stat:

The latest IT hair colour to sport, blorange is an amalgam of 'blood orange' and is a combination of warm pastel oranges and reds, tinted with peachy tones that universally suits every complexion and hairstyle. Seen on everyone from Georgia May Jagger to your favourite beauty influencers, this is how you know the shade is legit. We sense an imminent visit to your hairdresser.

Top Instagram beauty trends

Time to phase out smoky eyes because glossy peepers are the fresh and fierce eye makeup to flash around town. Playing up the metallic mini-trend that never quite took off properly from last season, beauty brands are now fixating on the look with new products meant to give your lids that slick with liquid shadows and eye glosses slated to launch soon — if they haven't already.

Top Instagram beauty trends

We totally called this one before it exploded across the 'Gram, what with trendspotting two-toned balms and lipsticks coming onto the scene. Worshippers of K-beauty might argue ombrè lips have been around since way back, debuted by some of the biggest Korean celebs but with everyone jumping aboard this bandwagon now, the trend is finally picking up that international steam it wasn't associated with before. Double tap that.

Top Instagram beauty trends

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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