Three wacky beauty trends we don't understand

Three wacky beauty trends we don't understand

What in the world

Text: Renée Batchelor

Another week, another new beauty trend on YouTube. Here are three that will have you seriously questioning what you are doing with your time

Yes YouTube videos can be a big distraction. But if you catch us watching beauty vlogger after vlogger at work, we swear it's for research. Like a car crash or a drag queen parade, you just can't look away. And the millions of views prove we're not the only ones who stay glued to the screen with a fascinating mix of curiosity and disbelief. Here are three new trends that have been making the rounds that will have you questioning why in the world anyone would subject themselves to that. Oh right, for the views.

The 100 layers challenge
Basically some genius decided that trying out 100 layers of any beauty product would be fun. Think 100 layers of mascara or this most extreme version — 100 layers of foundation. This YouTuber Jeely took three hours to achieve this and complained it was "greasy as f#&*" and had to dry layers in between with a hairdryer.

The result: She looks like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation or a Wayans brother in White ChicksIn the words of the intrepid Jeely, "I'm wearing too much foundation." You don't say.

The highlighter challenge
Doing an entire face of makeup using only highlighter products whether they're powders, cream, shadows or illuminators. Break out all the makeup you have and shine like the disco ball you never knew you wanted to be.

The result: While some vloggers like Jaclyn Hill (below) managed to look decent, there's probably a reason they don't put glitter and shimmer in everything.

The kid's makeup challenge
Relive your childhood fantasies of buying and using Barbie makeup or whatever poor quality product was sold in your time. Dared to create a full face using the pink, glittery and pigment-free products marketed to kids and tweens, YouTubers struggled a little with this one.

The result: Don't expect these products to blend like your regular facepaint. And yes, they don't make contouring products for kids.