Forget argan: Why plant seed oils are the next big thing

Forget argan: Why plant seed oils are the next big thing

Oils of Life

Text: Renée Batchelor

With their new Oils of Life range, The Body Shop makes facial oils truly accessible, using the potent power of plant seed oils

Facials oils may have gotten a bad reputation for being, well, too oily, and unsuitable for our climate. But The Body Shop wants to change that perception with its new Oils of Life range. The products are all made from plant seed oils — black cumin, cammelia and rosehip — that have been extracted and perfected into a lightweight, non-greasy and ultra-replenishing formula. Plant seed oils are known for their ability to repair and revitalise skin.

The range includes an Essence Lotion (great for those with oilier skin), as well as a Facial Oil — the star of the line. There are also two types of hydration — a gel-cream for those who prefer a lighter texture, and a cream. The products certainly eschew the myth that all oil-based skincare is heavy and sticky or takes ages to sink into skin. Instead these work in double quick time to soften, revitalise and add radiance to the complexion. Here are three other reasons to love this range of oils, according to The Body Shop's experts.

They have an affinity with our skin
"Oils have the most wonderful effect on the complexion due to their high affinity with the skin. You can literally see the radiance and suppleness being restored and dull skin coming back to life as all of those incredible nutrients go to work." - Vanda Serrador, facialist and body care expert for The Body Shop

They're made from nature's best
"Concentrated inside each seed is the power to fuel new life. These natural powerhouses provide fundamental nutrients from antioxidants to vitamins. The carefully balanced blend of black cumin, rosehip and camellia seed oils is a powerful potent formula. Individually, each one of these precious seed oils is a skin saver and blended together, they provide nutrition for the skin, resulting in radiance."  - Jennifer Hirsch, beauty botanist for The Body Shop

They don't make your skin oilier... just better
"My clients have learned about the benefits of using oil on skin and understand that facial oils won't make your skin oilier. Oils have the incredible ability to leave skin soft and supple without being greasy or sticky, while mitigating irritation, thanks to the natural healing effects of the oils." - Dr. Terry Global Skincare Expert for The Body Shop

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 From $39.90 - $65.90. At The Body Shop stores now