Three mascara trends to try

Three mascara trends to try

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Yes mascaras follow different trends as well. Here are three kinds to try to spruce up your lashes

Mascaras are one of those indispensable items on many women's list of makeup must-haves. But like with any other makeup trend, mascaras come in different incarnations as well. Is coloured mascara cool or passé? What exactly are cat lashes and how do you achieve this effect on your own lashes? How exactly do you coat those tiny lower lashes that seem impossible not to smudge?


Mascaras are actually as close to a science as you'll get when it comes to makeup. Why? They're a combination of the formula (the actual liquid), the absence or presence of fibres that act like bits of fake lash hair, the wiper (the bottle of your mascara) and how well it dispenses liquid, as well as the design and shape of the actual wand. All these contribute to how a mascara works on your lashes. Here are three new ones that we love.

Banish all thoughts of 80's inspired navy mascara. This one from RMK  is a dual ended coloured mascara — so you have twice as many options. In purple and a burgundy, try these at the ends of lashes for a touch of colour and contrast it with your smoky eye – you'll be surprised at how modern it can look. 

RMK Colored Mascara

What exactly are cat lashes? They are lashes that are full, extended and fanned out, especially at the corners, giving the impression of cat-shaped eyes. The new mascara from Burberry has a wand that is designed to do just that. Besides a combination of short and long bristles to volumise and separate respectively, the cone-shaped tip separates and coats the corner lashes, extending them outwards.

Burberry Cat Lashes

Thin is in. At least when it comes to mascara wand. This one from Marc Jacobs Beauty is designed for both straight and lower lashes. Believe us, although it can be difficult to get to, applying mascara on your lower lashline can really make a difference in creating that wide-eyed effect. The skinny brush captures even the tiniest lashes, while the smudge-proof formula ensures you look more Twiggy and less Courtney Love after a particularly bad bender.   

Marc Jacobs Beauty Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash-Discovering Mascara, $38