Three luxury makeup removers worth trying

Three luxury makeup removers worth trying

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Why settle for a pharmacy brand remover when you can use one with additional skincare benefits? Buro looks at three pricey, but effective luxury makeup removers

So makeup remover may not be an obvious candidate for skincare that you want to splurge on. But if you've used enough makeup removers that sting the eyes, dry out the skin and simply don't do the job well, you'll know that a good makeup remover is a powerful weapon in your skincare arsenal. Usually, a good quality remover doesn't require a large amount to work — just a dab will do. Technique is also important. If you're wearing heavy makeup — like waterproof mascara and liner — saturate the pad and hold it over the area for a good five to ten seconds to really allow the remover to work and dissolve your makeup. Remember to lift, not drag your cotton pad, so you don't tug and pull at skin and eyelashes. Here are three that have additional properties that help protect and improve your skin.

Try: La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water, $175
La Mer's luxury cleansing water doesn't come cheap, but it contains Miracle Broth within the formula, and is designed to be both powerful and gentle, thanks to a precise ratio of positively and negatively charged waters.

La Mer Micellar Water

Try: Chanel Le Bi-Phase Visage Anti-Pollution Face Makeup Remover, $60
This bi-phase product (shake it well before use) not only gets rid of stubborn makeup, but has blue micro-algae to get rid of unwanted particles that are sitting atop your skin. 

Chanel Le Bi-Phase Visage

Try: By Terry Cellularose Micellar Water, US$57
Although primarily known for its luxury makeup, By Terry does skincare too. This is enriched with white rose native cells and black and white rose extracts, for a complexion that is so brightened and hydrated, it positively glows. 

By Terry Cellularose water