Three celebrity lipstick looks worth copying

Three celebrity lipstick looks worth copying

Sweet kissers

Text: Renée Batchelor

Nothing changes a look up as quickly as lipstick. Here we look at three lip trends these actresses have mastered

Interesting fact: wearing the right lipstick is not just about picking a shade and texture, it's also about application techniques and the other makeup you choose to pair with it. Get a beauty masterclass from these stunning young starlets who do the fresh makeup look unerringly well.

The nude lip

If you're going for a nude lipstick, make sure the undertone matches your skin. The right lipstick shade will not make you look pale, or worse still, unwell. Amber Heard's lipstick shade is not only the perfect balance of a pink and beige, she's subtly lined outside her lips to give her kissers more oomph. Plus these understated, matte lips are the perfect foil to her dramatic smoky eyes.

Amber Heard

The matte red lip

There's a danger in matte, red lips looking too retro, but trust Zöe Kravitz to make it look fresh and almost unexpected with her braids and septum ring. Keep a dramatic red modern by going for one with an orange or pink undertone, and wearing it with slightly satiny skin — Zöe lets her freckles show through. Also, don't load up on heavy blusher or too much eye makeup or you'll end up looking like a stewardess.

Zoe Kravitz

The wine-stained lip

A wine or burgundy shade can look très sophisticated even on a younger woman. When wearing a darker tone, stick to a slightly glossy finish like Cara Delevingne (or Amber Heard, above), as it helps soften the look. Try a creamy red lipstick and finish off with a darker-coloured gloss to give the colour depth and richness. 

Cara Delevingne

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