This skincare range is what FUJIFILM created with its technology

This skincare range is what FUJIFILM created with its technology

Picture perfect skin

Text: Renée Batchelor

Astalift is a skincare brand created by FUJIFILM. Find out how film technology can actually benefit your skin

This brings a new meaning to picture perfect skin. A lot of traditional businesses have become somewhat obsolete in the past 10 years what with the advent of the digitalisation of everything, from photographs to music, but FUJIFILM has cleverly used its knowhow to go into the field of medical and life science. And thus the brand Astalift was born in 2007. In Singapore, since 2012, the brand now has three stores throughout the island, including a new outlet at Nex. For those who don't see a connection between the production of film and anti-ageing, the link is actually there. The parent company uses nano-, collagen, anti-oxidation and optical analysis and control technology to develop its skincare products. It turns out a lot of what is used to stabilise and produce high-quality film can apply to human skin as well. 

One of its first star products was the Jelly Aquarysta, that contained a human type nano ceramide to deliver the ingredient deep into the skin leaving it plump and nourished. Another best-seller from the brand is its sunscreen that has an ultra-light texture, but still guards against deep penetrating UV rays and actually works even when your perspire.

Astalift now has a more high-end serum among its offerings, the In-Focus Cellactive Serum. This high-tech formula re-energises stem cells with a blend of nano astaxanthin CP + and nano boswellin acid. The former repairs damage caused by UV rays and oxidation while preventing cellular damage, while the latter prevents inflammation and has anti-wrinkle and healing benefits. It comes in an interesting, transforming texture. It starts out as a lightweight gel that melts easily into skin and transforms into a liquid for optimum absorption, thanks to the ion sensing technology that allows for immediate penetration. The serum ends off as a light oil tha rests on your skin as a barrier and for added hydration. Another plus? The gorgeous fragrance that has notes of bergamot, sandalwood, jasmine and rose to lift your mood without overwhelming your senses.

$222. Available at Astalift stores now