This ombré nail look is the perfect day to night manicure

This ombré nail look is the perfect day to night manicure

Blood and wine

Text: Renée Batchelor

Nail art can sometimes cross the line from cute to tacky. This elegant style from the fall/winter runways manages to remain steadfastly chic


If you want to dabble in nail art, starting out simple is always the best way to go. We usually go for negative space and graphic lines ourselves, but this manicure at Tanya Taylor's fall/winter 2016 show caught our attention for the elegant mix of wine and red-black hues. This manages to look fresh and slightly unexpected in the day, and transitions well into after hours as well. 

ombre nails

If you're handy when it comes to an at-home job, you can replicate this with a simple sponge technique. Start by painting a coat of the base shade on your nail. Next, pour the base shade and a darker colour from the same colour family onto a small dish, using a toothpick to blend the two colours so they overlap. Using your sponge — cut to the appropriate size — to pick up the three colours (the base shade, blended colour and darker polish) and dab it gently onto the nail. Make sure each layer you've dabbed on is completely dry before adding on more layers, and finish off with two coats of topcoat to smooth out any uneveness. Or you can do what we would and show these pictures to your manicurist and ask her to replicate this look. 

ombre nails close up

Keen on trying this look? Here are some other colour combinations that you can try: