The worst TikTok beauty and skincare trends to avoid in 2020: Teeth filing, nose job checks, and more

The worst TikTok beauty and skincare trends to avoid in 2020: Teeth filing, nose job checks, and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

Image: Instagram | @addisonrae
Image: Instagram | @charlidamelio

The fastest growing social media giant as of late, TikTok, has all kinds of 'sides', from trending dance challenges to street fashion that's a visual feast, to say least. But what appears on your fyp (For You Page) is actually a curated feed of all the stuff that the algorithm seems to think you'll enjoy... and that's not necessarily the best thing for those constantly on the hunt for creative beauty and skincare hacks. Whilst some of these appeared insanely effective (on the cam), most of these easy do-it-yourself solutions are debatable in terms of how safe it actually is for your face and body in the long run.

Many of these D.I.Y beauty 'hacks' started in the midst of quarantine — and whilst we can see why the need for home remedies were rampant during this period, some of these self-proclaimed beauty gurus really just had us downright concerned for their general well-being. So between feeling massively disturbed yet mildly impressed at the wildin' creativity on this side of TikTok, we bring to you only the best to, uh, never try at home.

Filing your teeth...with a nail file?

Most of us aren't born with perfect teeth, and probably had to go through that icky stage of uneven teeth and unsightly braces. But hey, that was all just part and parcel of growing up as a normal teen, no? Filing the teeth straight just for the TikTok reel and having to deal with the possible pain from filing too deep after that? No thanks.



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Coffee face scrub therapy

To be honest, this might sound reasonable at first considering the number of foods like vanilla or fruits used in body scrubs. But according to the experts, those hella acidic and coarse granules aren't great for your pH-sensitive face — especially when overdone. Keep the coffee for consumption, people.


Wake your face up with coffee scrub and apple cider vinegar toner!! ##beauty ##natural ##skincare

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Hey yo, nose job check...?

Are you sure you're actually doing anything apart from making it hard to breathe for a whole half hour (or even longer) just for that extra definition on the cam? This is honestly an insult to all those getting the real deal done out there.


30 minutes later... it works ##fyp ##foryou ##mepracticing ##nosejob ##sike

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Giving yourself dimples

Dimples — much like freckles — have been garnering some love from the Internet, as of late. But whilst freckles are easily faked with an eyeliner pencil, we highly doubted anyone could actually craft up small dents in their cheeks. Unless of course... you started twisting a pen into the side of your face...? Girl, we're sorry but that's got to be self-harm on some level.


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Bleaching your teeth with household variants

Yes, we all want our teeth to be whiter and free from those dastardly coffee stains, but this just ain't it, chief.


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