The horrible, over-the-top, outdated makeup trends we're begging you to avoid like the plague

The horrible, over-the-top, outdated makeup trends we're begging you to avoid like the plague

Time to repent

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Editor: Jolene Khor

Some makeup trends just weren't meant to withstand the test of time. Much like how you LOL at the puffed up mullets of the '80s when you page through your parents' yearbook, some of the OTT looks and gimmicky products you've tried in the name of beauty trends (we're guilty ourselves) can date you just as hilariously. So what have you splurged on and/or have been wearing on your face that won't pass muster in a few more years? These are the makeup sins we're totally writing off for 2019.

1. Unicorn anything 
It started as a novelty with throwback feels but quickly spiraled out of control. While all things My Little Pony admittedly got us excited for a hot minute, the swarm of products touting to bottle rainbows have gotten cliché, and fast. Ergo, please stop slapping on unicorn-themed makeup unless you're seven, or attending a kid's party. At best, save it for Halloween.



2. Glitter everything
An offshoot of the unicorn craze, glitter became the runner-up option to looking all shimmered out. From dousing the roots of your hair with the stuff to peel-off face masks infused with sparkly chunks (wtf), it was a veritable glitter explosion as brands work the trend overtime (cough, #instabait, cough). And don't get us started glitter skincare. All those micro specks aren't just a pain to remove; you're at risk of developing irritant dermatitis due to the abrasive edges of all those glitter pieces. So thanks... but no thanks.



3. Celebrity makeup brands
"You get a makeup brand! You get a makeup brand! Everybody gets a makeup brand!" It used to be that veteran makeup artists with the experience and expertise launched their own cosmetic brands. Now, every celebrity under the sun is now jumping on this bandwagon. While the surge of celeb-led makeup brands did gift us treasures such as Fenty Beauty and solid collabs like the VB x Estée Lauder collection, the pool has diluted to the point where Bella Thorne, Blac Chyna, and Little Mix have launched their own brands. Merch much?



4. Influencer makeup brands
If there's a category of people whose gravitas we take less seriously than the aforementioned celebrities plugging their own agenda, it's the folks who trade social media likes for money. We get it, you're kinda sorta famous. But frittering the planet's resources to churn out overpriced cosmetics with formulas straight out of a child's makeup kit (which eventually ends up in the bargain bin) is Not. Cool. At. All.



5. Insta-brows
Most times, social media is great for sharing makeup inspo and discovering newfangled products. Sometimes it goes to a weird place. Case in point: all the Insta-brows that can out-brow a mad scientist's. The eyebrow menagerie includes tiger brows, fishtail brows, feather brows, and even a halo brow. We cannot even.



6. Heavy-handed highlighter
All that glow comes off fab on your feed, but short of taking headshots for a beauty editorial or to pad up the FOTDs on your Instagram, real life isn't that kind to let you get away with liberal amounts of highlighter all over your face. Not only do you draw unflattering comparisons to a disco ball, you're scaring the children. Staph.



7. Abuse of lipliner
The bigger the lips, the closer to the Jenner-Kardashian clan? What the sisters don't tell you is that it's all about proportion. Having the biggest trout pout on the block doesn't make you prettier if it screws up the balance of your facial features. Ever heard of the Golden Ratio? Besides, overdrawn lips where you end up sporting a secondary lip line floating above your actual lips is more beauty faux pas than beestung.



8. Meitu XiuXiu-ing the heck out of your face
We get using a filter or three to even out your complexion, but how did oversized eyes and an extreme V-shaped face that looks like an inverted Beautyblender become a benchmark for beautiful? Those are the same proportions as your generic alien, FYI. In other news, you're also more likely to get left swipes than right. Let's keep to terrestrial rather than extra-terrestrial, ladies.


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