The club every perfume lover should join

The club every perfume lover should join

Club Code Deco

Text: Renée Batchelor

Love fragrances, but don't want to commit to large bottles of them? Club Code Deco is the monthly fragrance subscription you didn't know you needed

Subscriptions are becoming a big business in Singapore. From Pint Society's monthly ice-cream deliveries to floral bouquets delivered each week, taking on membership with a brand or company that you trust seems like a time-saving life hack we could all use. Next in line is Club Code Deco, brought to you by Singapore's first artisanal perfumery, Code Deco. Founder Gauri Garodia, is known for her artfully-blended fragrances — from the efferverscent tomboy scent George to the sleek and minimalist Tasman in Grey. Her scents are for the more discerning customer, as you won't find the typical formulaic fragrances produced by design houses, but instead thoughtful, unique blends with a real story behind each creation.

Her newest venture is a programme that sends three curated scents — each in a 3ml vial —  to the user each month. The idea is for perfume lovers to experience new and different scents, wear them on their skin and then come back for the ones they truly love. Also included, a special treat that is hidden within the box. These mini surprises — and who doesn't love surprises — can be anything from a rare vial of pure essential oil to a limited-edition fragrance you won't be able to get elsewhere.

What we love about the idea is that Garodia intends this to be a way of communicating with her customers and even as a means of  previewing yet to be released scents. Says Garodia, "It will be a conversation with our Club Code Deco members. It's also a way to get people to experience fragrance in a quieter way." Via a feedback loop, customers can tell the brand the kind of scents that they like and dislike, so that the choices will be more tailored to their olfactory preferences and tastes the longer they subscribe.

Monthly subscription pack

Currently the brand has 15 fragrances available on their website and their physical glasshouse store in Pact, but they are more than prepared with many new scents and fragrance collaborations with international guest perfumers in the works. As a Club Code Deco member, you'll even get sneak peeks of these scents, giving you a chance to wear something very few people have access to yet. Because membership makes a great present, there are also fixed three-month subscriptions that you can gift a special someone who loves his or her fragrances.

At the end of the day, fragrance is a personal experience and perfumes are best experienced not on those paper blotters you sniff, but on your own skin, over the period of time. And if you're a true perfume afficionado, you'll know that scents are so much more than their marketing spiel and packaging. The best ones become a part of your identity and sensory memory over time.

A subscription costs $45 a month (for a minimum period of three months). To subscribe or find out more, visit the Club Code Deco site here