The case for his-and-her fragrances this Valentine's

Perfect pairs

The case for his-and-her fragrances this Valentine's
A yes or a no-no? Here are three ways to wear matching or paired fragrances come February the 14th

Nothing says "I love you" like a matching scent. We're not being sarcastic. If you've found your light, powdery florals overpowered by your partner's stronger scents — or vice versa, you'll know the importance of balancing and complementing each other's fragrances. Otherwise, you'll end up the olfactory equivalent of a sartorially mismatched pair. Here are three ways to match up.

1. Go the his-and-her route
If you're more of a traditionalist, and you think men and women should follow strict codes — even when it comes to fragrances — then you'll probably appreciate a perfectly paired scent match. Gucci's new Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Femme has notes of sweet lychee, a milky heart of lilac and a hint of strawberry. The Eau Pour Homme meanwhile is a heady and contrasting blend of lemon, bergamot, patchouli and musk that doesn't overpower the female version.

Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Femme, from $121 and Eau Pour Homme, from $105

2. Go for unisex fragrance pairs... and switch things up 
You don't necessarily have to take the pre-packaged approach. Cult fragrance brands like Penhaligon's London recommend special aromatic pairs for Valentine's. Although Artemisia, a silky floral named after the Greek goddess Artemis is usually used by women, and Endymion is typically characterised as a masculine scent — there's nothing to stop you from wearing a men's fragrance instead. In fact Endymion is one of our all-time favourite scents. Societal rules be damned.

Penhaligon's London Artemisia Eau de Parfum, from $158 and Endymion Eau de Cologne, from $158

3. Wear the same scent
Yes, you read right. Why not cut through all the questions about whether two fragrances 'go' or not and just wear the same scent. Due to different body temperatures and ones natural skin scent, the same fragrance will still smell slightly different on two different people. If your partner is willing to go for a less manly-man perfume and you like the crisp, clean notes that are found in many male fragrances, this might work out perfectly. Our personal favourite scent to share? Jean-Claude Ellena's delicate, comforting and cleverly unisex Voyage d'Hermès.

Voyage d'Hermès

Text: Renée Batchelor

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