The best colour-enhancing glosses and treatments for dyed hair

The best colour-enhancing glosses and treatments for dyed hair

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you've splurged on hair colour from a top colourist, here's how you can extend the shelf life of your dye job at home

KDon't you just hate it when your brand, new hair colour washes down the shower drain? It's a common occurence, especially with unicorn hair colours, red hair and their ilk. To the rescue are high-tech and nourishing hair treatments and glosses that can be applied on newly-dyed hair to keep the colour fresh for longer. While some focus on intensifying strong colours, others have a more subtle effect, working on altering the tone of a blonde shade — by making it more rose gold or beige, for example, and less brassy. And if you just want to freshen the colour and add a healthy dose of shine there are also clear glosses that can be applied post-shampoo to help the hair look more vibrant.

Buro's beauty writer even uses these coloured glosses as an overnight 'treatment' in order to have a more intense and pigmented results on her platinum hair. To do so, simply apply this evenly, coating tresses, bun up the hair and then use a shower cap to protect your pillowcases from beng stained. But do proceed with caution as some of these really have strong pigment power and you can easily wind up with a new colour the next morning. Keen on spicing up your at-home colour maintenance routine? Here's a rundown of the niftiest products out there.

The Infuse My. Colour Shampoo range of colour depositing shampoos is now available exclusively on Sephora's website. These shampoos come in shades like ruby, copper and platinum and are also vegan- and cruelty-free. These don't just boost your existing hair colour, but can actually add a subtle tint to virgin hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Each shampoo works specifically on a certain spectrum of hair colours. Copper is great for maintaining the brightness in strawberry blonde, auburn and warm brown shades, while gold is great for revitalising all shades of blonde. Platinum meanwhile, is a purple-toned shampoo that neutralises the yellowness in bleached hair. 
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We are big fans of Kevin.Murphy haircare and styling. It even won big in last year's beauty awards. These angels are not the kind that traipse down a runway in skimpy lingerie, but to hair colour lovers, they are similarly heaven-sent. These are essentially colour glosses that are to be applied post-shampoo for five minutes to deposit colour pigments, tone and enhance the hair, and neutralise unwanted tones — all while creating beautiful shine. We love the cool and subtle colours that the brand has come up with — bedecked in its signature pastel packaging. Autumn. Angel is an apricot rosé colour, Sugared.Angel is a creamy beige, Crystal.Angel is a clear, illuminating gloss, suitable for all hair shades, and Cool.Angel is an ash tone that will reduce the warmth in your locks. Not only do these add pretty, flattering glints to the hair and tone the colour to remove any brassiness, the nourishing ingredients like green tea extract, olive leaf extract, lavender oil and linseed oil keep tresses healthy and resilient.

Kevin.Murphy Colouring Angels, $50 each

This top colourist is a favourite of Hollywood celebrities and even hair professionals like Jen Atkin. The brand has created a mask enriched with iris fiorentina buriti oil that treats the hair while restoring your pure, radiant highlights. Shades available include Ash Brown, Baby Blonde and Warm Chestnut — enough to cover most of the major colour variations out there.

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Nutritive Mask with Temporary Coloring in Warm Chestnut, $77

This in-shower foam is probably one of the easiest to use, cutting down on the time taken and the mess created from the usual gloss treatments and tinted masks. Simply apply from root to tip on freshly-shampooed hair. In Singapore, the shades Clear, Breaking Brass (love the name) and Brown are sold. The Clear shade is perfect for any hair colour and gives hair that just-stepped-out-of-a-salon shine, at a fraction of the cost.

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss in Clear, $38