The best celebrity brows right now

The best celebrity brows right now

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Forget Cara. These five women prove that good brows can belong to women of any age and hair colour. And there's no one size fits all approach when it comes to your arches

Thin is in. Except when it comes to brows. Many formerly thin-browed celebs like Nicole Richie and Drew Barrymore have grown out their golden arches. But while some may not be as genetically blessed in the brow department, there are ways to fake it till you make it, with a host of brow products from brow mascaras that tint your brows lightly to ones that actually fill in hair fibres into sparse areas so your brows look fuller. And of course brow pencils and palettes now come in a variety of hues and tones — including taupes and blonde shades — to suit any brow and hair colour. Not blessed with a lot of brow hair? One trick is to use a hair growth treatment like Men's Rogaine (available in the US) nightly on the brow area to stimulate growth.

Actress and Lancôme spokesperson Lily Collins is blessed in the brow department and then some. For full brows like hers, drop the tweezers and use a palette to fill in the colour and brow wax to tame those arches.

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Full brows Lily Collins 
Tarzan and Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie has donned a number of hair colours for roles, but seems to have settled on blonde. Her natural, full brows buck the overmanicured trend, and are a few shades darker than her hair without veering into Madonna circa 1984 territory. If you have light hair, try an eyebrow pencil that is slightly darker, but still in the taupe or grey colour family.

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Margot Robbie
If it's possible to have girlish, almost romantic brows, we would give the award to model and recent Lancôme ambassadress Taylor Hill. Well proportioned yet full of character. Not overly plucked, yet not unruly — she seems to have struck the perfect balance.

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Taylor Hill

Sometimes a girl needs a little help and an arsenal of tools to get the job down. Zendaya's brows are the result of a good wax job for a neat and precise shape, and a perfect colour match to her hair. One thing we've learned from a Dior pro makeup artist, you can keep the bottom edge of the brow pristine and neat, but for brows to look more natural, always run a spoolie or brush along the top edge of the brow to add some texture, or it will look drawn on.

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If you have lighter hair — and who doesn't these days — getting a good brow match is key. While she used to have thin brows, Gwen Stefani has since gone thicker and found the perfect shade for her platinum tresses, and drawn outside her naturally thin shape for a slightly fuller look. The shade, a light taupe that defines without harsh lines is also ideal. Well the woman has an eyebrow palette with Urban Decay after all.

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Gwen Stefani
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