The 10 best red lippies to wear this National Day weekend

The 10 best red lippies to wear this National Day weekend

Red, she said

Text: Renée Batchelor

There are other ways to show your patriotic fervour besides draping yourself in national colours. Here are Buro's picks of the best red lipsticks, pencils and glosses

Red is a colour that anyone of any skin tone can wear. Don't let so-called beauty rules, past experiences, or passing fads tell you otherwise. Model Joan Smalls looks stunning in a vivid orange-red that complements her dusky complexion. Try a lip pencil for a similarly highly-pigmented and matte finish.

Joan Smalls

Meanwhile actress Jamie Chung wears a creamy true red in a chic and understated way. Her lipstick has pinkish undertones and works with her tanned complexion. 

Jamie Chung

Finally, Amanda Seyfried, who is known for her milky complexion, rocks a sheer, popsicle red with aplomb. Pat your lipstick on with your finger for a more casual and imprecise finish.

Amanda Seyfried

Still not convinced you can wear red? Check out our gallery below with the ten best reds that we've chanced upon. You're sure to find one that will light up your complexion in an instant.