Trending now: The test tube mask

Trending now: The test tube mask

Totally tubular

Text: Renée Batchelor

You've seen ever kind of sheet mask available, but the latest trend is masks that are suspended in a liquid formula within a test tube. Find out how they may give your skin added benefits

Masks come in all shapes, sizes and textures: From Philosophy's pore extractor in a tube, to Fresh's fast-working masks in jars to For Beloved One's signature bio-cellulose, jelly-like sheet masks. And while we've seen sheets made from innovative sources such as corn seed fibre and brown seaweed and algae, and even done a man's definitive review of the best sheet masks, the latest mask trend errs on the side of quirky. We've noticed that many masks now come suspended in test tubes. The weird scientist in you might appreciate the recall to those days in the chemistry lab back in school. But do these actually offer more benefits?

Wei Rice Sprout Express Glow Illuminating Mask, $81 for 6 masks

According to beauty brand Wei, a new entrant into Sephora this spring, the tube masks are superior to traditional flat-packed sheet masks for several reasons. Unlike packet sheet masks that can be messy and cause spillage, the brand's silk sheet masks are housed in tubes with a skinny neck. You have to remove them with the provided tweezers — believe us we tried it with our fingers and it didn't work — so that as you pull out the sheet, the mask is drained and any excess liquid is squeezed out.

We tried the brand's new Rice Sprout Express Glow Illuminating Mask, and found that almost half the liquid remained in the tube. The mask was definitely amply saturated without being drippy and the remaining liquid can be applied on other areas like the neck, décolletage and the hands for some extra TLC. It's easy to re-stopper it, so you don't even have to use all the liquid at once, although we wouldn't recommend keeping it for too long. This was definitely a hydrating mask as compared to some of the other cheap, sheet masks we've sometimes tried, so it's great for a quick pick-me-up and before makeup application to get that lit-from-within glow. While these masks are technically great for travel, we're not sure you can get away with carrying them onboard though as there are no markings on each individual tube indicating the volume of liquid.
 Klarity Revival Bespoke Mask Kit, $149

Another great innovation that combines the test tube trend with the demand for bespoke skincare is a sheet mask set from local brand Klarity. The brand has an ingenious Revival Bespoke Mask Kit that is made in Korea and is paraben-free. Choose from four essences: Firming, Whitening, Hydration and Acne Control. You can even combine a few depending on how your skin is reacting. To use, simply tear open each sheet mask packet that already contains an essence of elkhorn sea moss and tara flower to firm and lift the skin, and put it into the test tube. Next add your own concotion of essences — two to three drops of each depending on your  skin needs — apply, sit back and relax. The best thing about this kit is that you can repurchase the sheet masks since you're bound to have excess ampoules. Simply buy more sheets and you will find that this can take you pretty far. Because it uses high-quality glass for the test tube that comes with each kit, it is also reusable, making it an eco-friendly option in the long run.

Purchase Wei and Klarity at Sephora online. Klarity is also available at Robinsons