Trending now: Tattoo-inspired makeup

Trending now: Tattoo-inspired makeup

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Tattoos are officially cooler than ever. Take your love for ink a step further with beauty products that offer a similar effect

There used to be a time when tattoos were pretty taboo. But that time has come and gone. Not only are they being sported openly and in increasing numbers by all genders, they are more accepted at the workplace today with many in creative industries choosing to proudly show off their ink rather than hide it under corporate wear. Tattoos have also infiltrated a somewhat unrelated industry: Beauty. There has been a slew of beauty products over the last few years that have boasted a tattoo-like finish. What exactly do these brands mean by this claim? Like a tattoo, these lip stains, brow pigments and eyeliners 'sink' comfortably into the skin, almost like actual ink, and do not budge or smudge. They also have that everlasting quality — a must-have in Singapore's humidity. Here are our favourite tatt-inspired products for those who like their beauty close to their skin.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Tatouage Couture
A nominee in this year's Buro Beauty Awards 2018, the Tatouage Couture is not just long-lasting, it has a naked lip feel and cool, matte finish. This also boasts three times the pigment in a formula that is four times thinner than it has ever been. This light veil feels almost weightless, and the bevelled applicator ensures a precise application, making it a go-to lippie product for hot nights on the town. Bonus: It's a favourite of Zoë Kravitz.
What it looks like: A lip stain with more intensity and pigment.


Clio Kill Brows
We love treating ourselves to a brow waxing and tinting every month or so. The reason? These two steps really help to define the brow. Darkening the skin under the brow hairs (as well as coating the hair) with a tint gives a bold and precise shape. If you find in-salon tinting too tedious, Korean brand Clio has a few products that when applied over the skin and brows, works like a temporary tattoo, with the effect lasting several days. Choose from the Kill Brow All Day Tattoo which comes in a mascara like form, the Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow, which is more liquid or even the Tinted Tattoo Pen which looks like a marker pen for the brows. Ingenious.
What it looks like: Brow embroidery or that you've dyed your brows a shade darker.

Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liners
One of the star products from vegan brand Kat Von D Beauty is its Tattoo Liner. The brand is also introducing a new Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner specifically for creating sharp and precise lines like wing-tipped and cat eye looks, which will be launched in September. The original liner, another nominee in our Buro Beauty Awards 2018 contains 325 flexible brushes that give a tight, crisp point so you can unleash your artistry — in fine, yet highly saturated lines.
What it looks like: Bold, black liner that doesn't budge.


Dior Addict Lip Tattoo
If you could tattoo your lips a perma-shade what would you choose? Maybe not a bright red that might seem a tad too intense on certain days, but perhaps a rosy nude or pretty mauve shade. Dior Addict Lip Tattoo is a Long-Wear Coloured Tint in 'natural' shades ranging from berry to rosewood. They're still noticeable on the lip, but transfer and fuse onto the skin like a lip tattoo, several seconds after application, so you barely notice you have anything on.
What it looks like: A natural lippie that doesn't disguise the skin's texture and hugs the lip contours like a second skin.



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