#SundayFunday: Try these beauty trends spotted in Tokyo

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#SundayFunday: Try these beauty trends spotted in Tokyo
Captured in the heart of the city near the Shibuya crossing, here are three Japanese beauty trends that will inspire you to switch up your look

1. Bleached blonde hair and wine lips

tokyo beauty trend

Bleached blonde hair and dark lips aren't anything that we've never seen before. But when paired together, this sultry combination looks edgy in the day and glamourous at night. To really ramp up the edge, opt for buzzed sides and a slick combover as seen above. Going strong on the liquid liner won't hurt too. 

2. Sunset hair 
tokyo beauty trend

Want multi-dimensional hair colour? Try a sunset dye job. Anchored by a burgundy base and transitioning to well-blended shades of scarlet, tangerine and canary yellow — these hues take their cue from the brilliant colours in the sky at dusk. 

3. Bare eyes and sweet pink blush

tokyo beauty trend

When you're born with #AsianEyes, liquid eyeliner is your best friend. And if you never thought you could give it up, here's a liner-free look worth giving a shot. The focus is on rose pink blusher on otherwise bare skin (save for foundation). Dab on a little more than you usually would, skip the bronzer, and go for a bright lip if you're daring. Our recommendation? Use a gel blusher for a natural, dewy finish and add a dash of mascara to open up those eyes.

Text: Andrea Sim

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

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