6 summer hair hacks to beat the extra hot weather

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6 summer hair hacks to beat the extra hot weather
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Do you stare with watering eyes into the glare of the sun and just give up on good hair (and life in general)? The current heat wave buffeting our little island might be sizzling for those can't wait to break out a tan, but it's not so hot when it comes to maintaining the perfect mane. Rather than surrender to Singapore's swelter and resign yourself to trudging about with lank tresses, here are some hair hacks to help you keep your crowning glory glorious:

Good hair starts with having a healthy scalp, albeit we tend to neglect this organ almost entirely. It's still part of our skin however, and can be prone to sunburn and irritation if poorly treated (which is a one-way trip to dandruff central). To keep your scalp in tip-top condition, use a purifying scrub cleanser to banish the follicle-clogging extra grease and sweat caused by the hot weather, then follow up with a leave-in spray treatment meant to hydrate and nourish.

Summer hair hacks

If you're a hair colouring addict, you're likely wise to the fact that UV rays can damage the perfect dye job faster than you can guilty binge watch Riverdale. To slow down the fade, invest in a colour shampoo and conditioner system formulated with UV protection. To amp up your wash routine, be sure to go that extra mile by throwing in a gloss product in between the two steps. It'll go a long way in locking in vibrancy and shine to keep your colour salon-fresh. 

Summer hair hacks

It's a fine balance between the right amount to hold your style versus unintentionally overloading your hair with product. While you might be tempted to flash-freeze your look in place with a lot of hairspray to act as a shield against humidity, less-is-more innovative styling formulas are the smarter way to go. A multi-tasking priming styler is better suited to our hot weather, as it is heat-resistant plus it strengthens your hair and holds your style. And if needed, a generous spritz of detangling spray (added shimmer optional) can help keep your tresses from becoming a big, knotted ball over the course of the day.

Summer hair hacks

What they don't tell you in the fine print is that not all sea salt sprays are made equal. Some give you a crispy or crunchy finish instead of softly tousled waves. For marvellously messy hair that has all the texture but none of the stiffness, you need a formula with sea salt crystals that have been ground down into fine particles. This allows the product to better disperse over the hair instead of clumping up sections, giving you more movement and definition. The extremely fine texture also allows you to spray at will, building up your look to ultra-grunge while still retaining pliability and a finish that's soft to the touch.

Summer hair hacks

Dry shampooing your way to clean is a good solution for days when you need to dash out the door but if you hate the resulting flat look, especially if you have fine hair, then follow up with a volumising spray post-dry shampoo. Not only does it add a much-needed lift to the roots, a thorough comb through helps counteract the too matte finish if you happen to get a tad nozzle-happy. This will help give your locks a more 'rehydrated' look.

Summer hair hacks

A frizz serum is great and all, but most times the counter-argument is that the frizz is back with a vengeance when lunch rolls around. Scenario B would be a product that weighs the hair down too much in its bid to out-frizz the frizz. The more viable solution to effectively de-frizz? A leave-in conditioner that coats the individual strands with thermal protection against humidity, and also helps to smooth flyaways. And if touch-ups are needed, pack some convenient anti-frizz sheets you can swipe through your hair on the go, so that smooth and silky is always your hair reality. 

Summer hair hacks

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