The most statement making beauty looks at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016

The most statement making beauty looks at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Perhaps the most shocking thing you could do on a major red carpet? Go sans makeup like singer Alicia Keys. Here are seven other looks that sparked conversation

There seemed to be a movement towards lighter makeup and more undone hair this year at the MTV Video Music Awards. Singer Alicia Keys kept her promise to not wear makeup for public performances and her appearances on The Voice this year. While we applaud her beauty candour, seeing her heavily freckled complexion, made us wonder if Keys has been using enough sunscreen her whole life. And while she may not have been wearing colour, highlighting gloss on her eyes, face and lips was definitely employed. Another no-makeup proponent was 20-year old singer Cara Alessia, but it's a whole different matter when you're in your mid-30s. Another person who lightened up when it came to facepaint was Kim Kardashian. Was that actual texture we saw on her skin? If Kim K is wearing less foundation and is not blow-dried and contoured to within an inch of her life, ladies it's time to sit up and take notice.

Still, the statement looks on the red carpet didn't disappoint. Some of our favourites were knockout red lips. On Amber Rose — talk about flawless skin — her matte, scarlet lips against golden skin, mirrored shades and her signature platinum buzz cut was pure perfection. On veteran model Naomi Campbell, the glitter lip trend although not always easy to wear — imagine trying to sip a drink — was a high fashion look made wearable. Also wearing glitter in a fresh and modern way was model Taylor Hill, who used it as a highlight on her statement eyeliner. Another unexpected stunner? Singer Cassie, who balanced gorgeous flesh tones and subtle sparkle on her face with an out-there yellow wig. Another teenage singer, now all grown up was JoJo. She was the picture of glorious grunginess with her eyebrow ring, stripey highlights and brown lips. And of course, all hail Queen Bey. She may not have gone heavy on the makeup — just a touch of golden sparkle on her lids was the main accent — but Beyoncé's regal bearing and chic braided updo spoke volumes. 

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