Start a scandal with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's autumn/winter makeup 2016

Start a scandal with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's autumn/winter makeup 2016

Do you dare?

Text: Renée Batchelor

Walk in to a room with clashing eye makeup and a daringly bold lip. Based on the late designer's seminal Scandal collection, the new makeup offerings have a playful, devil-may-care spirit

Why be subtle when you can shock? Troublemakers and attention-seekers everywhere will agree that sometimes taking a risk with your makeup gets you the right kind of attention. If you subscribe to a more is more attitude when it comes to night-time face paint you'll love Yves Saint Laurent's new makeup collection. Lips come in bold hues of pink, orange and burgundy for a notice-me pout, while nails take on rich, lustrous hues like deep green and a retro plum. The eyes are also where a sexy, careless approach can work, with Full Metal Shadows in a brushed metal finish being paired with the ease of a thick, marker liner. Forget about the old makeup rules of having only heavy eyes or lips — never both at the same time — for a 1970's glamourous spin that's Sandy from Grease... after her makeover

YSL Makeup FW 16

The brand's creative director of makeup, Lloyd Simmons shares his inspiration and tips on this collection:

What was your inspiration for fall 2016?
I love the unusual colour combinations found in fashion in the 1970's, which caused quite a stir in their day, in particular colours like teal, green, orange, and burgundy. There was also a strong use of graphic lines, which inspired me to create the eyeliner.

Couture Palette Collector YSL FW 16What's the easiest way to work with the Couture Palette Collector?
With a traditional palette, the aim is to use all of the colours to achieve one obvious harmony, but I wanted to create a palette where you really could play with the contrasts of just a pair of colours, or perhaps a trio. With this palette you can either go for a clash by using your pair or trio of colours as perhaps a base colour, a shading colour and a highlight colour, or you can just simplify and use one shade, with the highlighter for under the eye.

How did you create Cara Delevingne's look?
On Cara, I just used the vintage green from the palette, and then contrasted it with a straight graphic line using the Couture Eye Marker pen. I used the pen under the eye to balance her look and the darkness of the crease colour. On her lips is Rouge Couture The Mats in Orange Seventies.

How easy is it to use the Couture Eye Marker pen?
Very! I love this eye marker because it is literally like using a felt pen. Depending on whether you use the angle or the tip you can glide it along the eyelid and go from thick to thin in just one stroke. While it's wet you can move it around and smudge it. Once it dries, it's not going anywhere. Just remember that eyeliner is always going to require a certain amount of technical expertise - the best of us make mistakes! I always keep a Q-tip and some eye make-up remover nearby.

Full Metal Shadow in Fur Green, Couture Marker Liner and La Laque Couture in Fur Green
In winter, lips can feel a little dry. Which of the lip colours is best for moisturising, but also has a strong colour pay-off?
Rouge Pur Couture The Mats has a wonderful matte look, but unlike many matte lipsticks it won't dry out the lips as it has a volatile oil in it that makes it easy to apply, with a creamy texture and a velvet effect, giving this very sophisticated leather finish. You can pat it on with your finger and have a stain effect, smudging the edges with a Q-tip; or for a glamorous pout, apply it straight from the stick and perfect the lip line so that you have a hard edge. Equally, Volupté Tint-In-oil is another option with a wonderfully light texture that is nourishing. Go for the Kiss Me Red if you're looking for a modern red lip statement.

Is it time to break the 'never do a strong lip and eye together' rule?
Absolutely! YSL Beauty creates makeup for rule-breakers! Anyone who is passionate about make-up loves to break a rule. I like to give plenty of options, so for me, it is really okay to do a strong eye and a strong lip, as you can see from the look we created for Cara. The point about a new collection of makeup is to experiment, to have fun, so go ahead and play.

From $39-$105. At Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters and stores in August