SS17 beauty trends we can’t wait to rock

SS17 beauty trends we can’t wait to rock

'80s en vogue

Text: Angelyn Kwek

It’s an '80s comeback for SS17 and we’ve sussed out the looks that got us raving

Beauty is on a backslide movement as the spring/summer season sees the '80s swinging onto the scene with unapologetic splashes of bold colour, edging out the '90s minimalism that's been trending on our social media feeds this past year (thanks to a certain Jenner sister). From poppy-bright blushes to out-there electric eyeshadows, this is one makeup time capsule we're dying to see reincarnated. From the catwalks to the sidewalks, this is the rad throwback even modern-day millennials will get down with — so wear one, or wear 'em all:

'More is more' is the mantra of the era with graphic eyes featuring neon-pop hues and devil-may-care smoked out liners à la Boy George and '80s Madge. Seen on models were wildly coloured eyes winged all the way out to the hairline, as well as boldly lined eyes in heavily smudged kohl that nailed the 'out-all-night-dancing' look.

Before you balk at what appears to be blush overload, we'll have you know the Japanese have already cottoned on to this look with the Igari trend, the Asian equivalent of this full-on flush. Worn high along the cheekbones and feathered out to the temples, opt for a less concentrated variation the likes of Chanel, if you're experimenting and build up the intensity from there.

The 'no makeup' makeup look is still going strong with Alicia Keys as the poster woman headlining this barefaced wave. Though one will not be entirely devoid of makeup as concealer and/or tinted moisturiser is needed to get that perfected complexion, skin is also given a smidgen of bronzer for a touch of sun-kissed glowiness, and brows are left barely groomed for an overall low-key vibe.