This slimming treatment actually works

This slimming treatment actually works

Svelte down

Text: Renée Batchelor

Wary of slimming treatments that overpromise and under-deliver, we gave EstheClinic's Intensive Body Perfection Programme a try, and were pleasantly surprised at the results

First, we have to begin with a disclaimer: The best way to lose weight is to diet and exercise consistently. That said, diet and exercise takes time, sacrifice and effort, before you even begin to reap any rewards. And let's face it — many of us don't have the patience and the willpower to achieve our weight loss goals without some professional help.

Estheclinic's Intensive Body Perfection was designed to work in a short period of time — think three to five weeks — using two, effective therapies in tandem. The first is lipocavitation ultrasound therapy to burn off stubborn, deeply embedded fats, while the second protocol is thermo-controlled radiofrequency (RF) to tighten and firm loose skin. Meant to be repeated twice a week, for three to five weeks, we managed to complete four sessions, before work and life became a bit hectic, and were unable to complete the recommended six to ten sessions. Although we were unable to complete the full regimen, there were definitely visible and measurable differences even after the first session.

Lipocavitation process

If you've not tried aesthetic treatments before and you don't have a high pain threshold, this is a good start-off point. Each session begins with lipocavitation, using a handheld device on your targetted area — which feels relatively painless — although you will hear a high-pitched ringing sound in your ear due to the ultrasound waves. Lipocavitation is calibrated only to target fat cells. In the process, ultrasonic waves are directed to the area of fatty tissue in order to damage the fat cell membranes and break them down. After lipocavitation, RF — which feels like a deep heat over the skin — is done over the same area, to tighten the skin.

After the first session there was definitely some redness and a slight itching sensation — probably a side effect of the heat, but I did not feel unduly uncomfortable. In the days that followed, I definitely felt a tenderness and ache in the tummy area (my chosen area) but again it was not unbearable. Subsequently, there was no after-effects in sessions two to four. In terms of results, I did feel that the area was more toned immediately after. The lipocavitation in particular broke down stubborn fats, so the area was smoother and more sculpted. If you have a lot of loose fat, especially post-pregnancy, this can certainly help. After four sessions, I was able to pass the dress test — I could zip myself into a dress I was using for a special occasion, that had been too tight previously. In the following weeks, I dug up some older clothing like a pair of dress trousers I had relegated to the back of my closet, as well as a fitted denim skirt, and found that they definitely fit better. This treatment would work well on targetted areas of the body like the thighs, buttocks, stomach and even the upper arms that are retaining stubborn fats and cellulite that can't be quelled with just exercise. Combine this course with with a sensible diet, and exercise, and the results will be even more noticeable.

From $320 to $580 per session. Packages start from $2,340 for six sessions. At EstheClinic