Clarins discovers the three ways in which Asian skin ages

Clarins discovers the three ways in which Asian skin ages

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Text: Renée Batchelor

With interesting insight on the ways in which Asian skin ages, Clarins presents a revamped skincare range to fight these signs

Clarins remains a leader in skincare and bodycare, and specifically the science of ageing because its late founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins, and his two sons Christian and Olivier, who now essentially run the business, believe in listening to women and their concerns. And worries about growing older is definitely at the top of the list for many women.

Sure ageing is inevitable, and something that should be embraced rather than denied. But while we don't advocate the over-surgerised look that is popular in the States, we wouldn't mind ageing as gracefully as French women. And if a little dab of face cream or skin-firming serum helps us look better for longer, why not?

The reality is that Asian women age differently than their Caucasian counterparts. There's a reason some of us find our skin starts to sag first, while others may notice prominent wrinkles as their first signs of ageing. Clarins' scientists worked hard to find out how mature Asian women aged in order to find the right ingredients and complexes that would work for them. Here's what they've found:

1. Skin quality weakens 
Specifically the fibroblast (which is responsible for skin structure and elasticity) loses it anchor point and its fibre-producing activity gets disrupted. This results in deeper wrinkles forming and skin slackening and 'deflating', as compared to bouncy, young skin.

2. Age-related dark spots form 
As our fibroblasts age, they began to send the wrong signals to other cells in the skin, causing these cells to form age spots. Yikes! Talk about a bad case of broken telephone.

3. Facial volume distribution changes
Adipose tissue (which consists of connective tissues) sags due to gravity. And like a tumbling house of cards, it causes the facial features to sag, the jawline to drag down as it gets heavier, and the face to lose its natural smile. 

While it might sound like a lost cause, we can assure you that taking preventive measures goes a long way towards slowing down and stopping these signs of ageing from becoming full-blown. Clarins has literally searched the corners of the globe to find the best plants to help combat these processes.

Harungana from Madasgascar, which is traditionally used in healing, has been found to restore the shape to hormone-deficient fibroblasts. Montpellier rock-rose meanwhile is not just a pretty white flower — in its brilliant clarity, it holds the secret to targetting the source of age spots to help even out the complexion. Finally, narrow-leaf plantain helps to slow the sagging of adipose tissue, thus helping in facial resculpting.

Clarins has packed these three age-fighting complexes into all three products in the range: a Day Cream, Night Cream and Remodelling Serum. Together the products have multiple effects from replumping the skin to getting rid of stubborn agespots. Bonus: the day cream comes with a much needed anti-pollution complex. At the end of the day, this simplicity is appreciated, because although we do love our skin and want to treat it with the best possible products, sometimes we just don't have the time for a multi-step regimen.

From $200-$240. Available from October at Clarins counters and stores