Why Shu Uemura thinks you need four kinds of black eyeliner

Why Shu Uemura thinks you need four kinds of black eyeliner

Black out

Text: Renée Batchelor

With its new Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Shu Uemura has created four shades of black, so you can get your perfect liner look

As a beauty editor, when I clear my beauty haul and share it among the team, one of the most common requests I get is for black eyeliner. And its understandable, as this nifty staple is transformative, simple to use and pretty much a must-have in most beauty bags. While a growing number of women love the clean precision of liquid liner, formats like Shu Uemura's Soft Gel Pencil is a brilliant hybrid, offering the control of a pencil in a gel formula.

Shu Uemura Gel Liners

Shu Uemura has now updated the pencil so it glides on even easier, is smudge- and waterproof and also has a thinner tip, for more precise lines. Perfect for some of the cool, negative space liner looks we saw on the SS17 runways, Shu Uemura has also created four shades of black, along with a brown shade. Each black has a different undertone, and were specially designed by the ShuAtelier artists. If you want a strong, classic liner look go for Intense Black. Green Black, meanwhile is extremely subtle. The twinge of green is only noticeable when the light hit your liner so, and will bring out hazel or green eyes. Navy Black, as its name suggests, has a blue undertone and a more fashionable edge to it, plus it suits all eye colours. The final shade, Purple Black is rich and deep, like the jewel tones of an amethyst, and is great for statement looks. Having the option for the exact undertone in your black liner, is pretty much a beauty junkie's dream.

$37 each. At Shu Uemura counters and stores in January 2017