Want a sexy and modern haircut? Consider the lob

Want a sexy and modern haircut? Consider the lob

The most versatile cut

Text: Emma Haddock

Our verdict on the lob? It still looks fresh and beats the heat. Plus everyone from Taylor Swift to Alexa Chung is sporting one. We show you how to cut and style your lob to perfection

It's been awhile since there has been a cutting edge hair style trend that is universally revered and seems to work on most hair types. 2015 has seen many people rush off to the salon to cut their long locks off, and the words on everyone lips are "Can I have a lob?" A lob (or long bob for the uninitiated) is great for personalising. You can add a modern twist, by adding a full blunt fringe or textured layers. No lob has to look the same, you can adapt it to suit your hair type, your style and your life.

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1. Ask your hairdresser for a collarbone length at the front, and a slightly shorter cut at the back, to give your style a more up-to-date look.

2. Never be shy to bring in photos that inspire you, so that you hairdresser can get a real feel of the look you are after. 

3. Expect to trim your hair every six to eight weeks to keep the style looking sharp. Once the hair gets too long it will hit the shoulders and start to flick up and not stay styled under.

4. Everyone can wear this easy style. My advice for those that have thinner hair is to aim for less layers, and keep the base line blunt to create as much thickness as possible. For those with thicker hair you can afford to layer up a bit more to give more texture to the style. Ask you hairdresser to point cut into the ends of the hair, to eliminate some of the weight and give it more movement.

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For the sleek look

1. Try a GHD classic styler. You can't go wrong with this amazing tool as the plates glide effortlessly though the hair leaving it polished and shiny. This is great for the Singapore climate as it will tame any frizz or fly-aways.

2. If you are already blessed with straight hair, add a volume spray to the roots and massage evenly though the hair and blast it dry.

3. If you have a natural wave and want the sleek look, do the same, but use a large round brush to lift the roots and smooth dry the ends.

4. Once your hair is dry, take small sections of hair and use a heat protection spray on each section. Starting at the root of the hair, glide your straightener down the hair shaft, being careful not to leave the heat on the hair for too long.

5. For the the dead straight look, just move the iron straight down and avoid curving in the bottom of the hair. For more bounce, curl the ends under with the iron to give a touch of volume.

Must Try:

L'Oréal Professionnel Expert Serie Sealing Repair, $31.03
This is best to use before blowdrying on wet hair. This one product does so many things in just one pump: it has heat protection, helps seal and smooth split ends and leaves hair feeling soft and shiny.

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For tousled waves

1. The Amika curling wand is the best choice for the woman that likes to change her hair all the time. It's a single barrel curling iron with a changeable head. There are three different sizes so you can have really tight curls or soft, loose waves.

2. Start by using a texture spray on wet hair, and tip your head upside down and dry your hair to give more volume at the roots. It doesn't have to be super smooth for this look as you want to maintain the texture.

3. Section off the hair using clips. Start at the back and work forward. Taking a small section will give your waves a tighter look, larger sections will give you looser waves.

4. Spray each section with a setting protection spray to hold the tong's effect, then wrap the hair around the tong and leave it for a few seconds before unravelling it. 

5. Once the whole head is done rub a small about of texture powder in your palms and use your fingertips to scrunch up the roots and loosen up the waves. 

Must Try:

Redken Rootful 06, $34.24
I love how this product acts as both a volume and texture spray. It's very lightweight but there is no stiff or sticky feeling and it still leaves hair full and touchable.

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