Why we love serum foundations

Why we love serum foundations

Give me light

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Clarins

Hate that heavy feeling of thick foundation on your skin? A serum foundation is the perfect in between product that covers amply while allowing your natural complexion to shine through

A few years ago Giorgio Armani Beauty — yes the beauty brand that was born out of the fashion house — created a foundation so revolutionary that is started a new category altogether. The product was the Maestro Fusion Makeup, a serum-like foundation so lightweight and delicate that it inspired me, a seasoned beauty junkie, to shell out close to $100 per bottle, a pretty penny even now. So flawless and glow-y was the effect that many of my friends also rushed out to buy it. Using an inspired blend of waterfree oils, this breakthrough formula deposited 11 percent of pigment on the skin, so you got the ample coverage you desired without that heavy feeling. The foundation gave one the look of perfect skin... not perfect makeup, and therein lay its widespread appeal. Today, Giorgio Armani Beauty has a bigger presence than ever with a new counter in TANGS and a wider than ever selection of makeup available, including its other star foundations.

As with any beauty trendsetter, the slew of serum foundations that followed was testament to the enduring appeal of the then-new texture. Brands like Tarte, Dior, Stila and even The Ordinary also came out with its own versions at different price points and with different packaging. This year we saw the release of new serum foundation from Japanese clean beauty brand, THREE, that gave an airbrushed, matte finish. And now Clarins has revamped its Skin Ilusion Foundation to give it an even lighter texture.

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation

Skin Illusion imbues skin with the comfort of an oil, and the lightness of water. Pigments are blended in non-greasy oils, each evaporating at different speeds. One of the oils used is organic Mary's thistle oil — prized for its lightweight texture and dry feel. When worn, it gives skin the ultimate lit-from-within glow, devoid of obvious imperfections and with a veil of coverage that leaves the complexion luminous, but never airbrushed. As Singapore only brings in 5 of the full range of 22 shades that Clarins has created, here's hoping that you find one that fits you.