Rock star beauty styles that inspired us

Rock star beauty styles that inspired us

Ladies who rock

Text: Renée Batchelor

Not just pioneers in the world of rock and pop, we owe a debt to these five women whose standout beauty styles captured our collective imaginations

With Kate Bush having a bit of a revival — her latest live album is set to hit the top of the UK charts this week — we thought it was time to look back and pay tribute to the pioneering women in music who not only had distinctive voices and fashion styles, but set beauty trends in their time as well. From Bush's signature messy tresses to Annie Lennox's shock of platinum hair to Debbie Harry's immaculate makeup, here are the looks that stuck in our collective memories and affected the way we looked at beauty.

Kate Bush's choppy bangs
Kate Bush was seen as a kind of idiosyncratic and free-spirited performer — it wasn't unusual to see the singer and dancer prancing around in a leotard. Her textured, flowing waves and ultra-short, uneven bangs, seen here in 1978, epitomised her laidback, boho style, that was almost a throwback to the flower child era.

Kate Bush

Debbie Harry's contoured eyeshadow
Probably one of the few rock goddesses who was once a Playboy bunny, Deborah Harry of Blondie never downplayed her pin-up good looks. In this performance Harry's contoured eyes — notice the skilful use of light and dark shades — and sculpted brows are on fleek. Harry wasn't afraid to be beautiful, while still being one of the hardest women in new wave.

Debbie Harry

Chrissie Hynde's smudged liner
The lead singer of The Pretenders not only has a rich and distinctive voice, she also has perfected that quintessential rock n'roll shag and lived-in smudged liner. Very this season, wear yours only on the lower lashline, with minimal makeup and a whole dose of cool chick swagger.

Chrissie Hynde

Annie Lennox's power crop
The lead singer of the Eurythmics and a solo artist in her own right, Annie Lennox did that whole masculine/feminine androgyny better than most. We loved her super short hair — whether in platinum blonde or in a dayglo orange — and her strong makeup. Even dressed down and hidden behind pre-hipster, oversized glasses, she was a knockout.

Annie Lennox

Grace Jones' fierce makeup
Few knew the power of makeup and costumes like model turned singer Grace Jones. With her angular, sculpted afro, and almost aggressive makeup — think angry brows and heavily contoured cheekbones — hers was a defining look of the late '70s and early '80s, that still influences makeup artists today.

Grace Jones