Pick a hair colour based on your Chinese zodiac

Pick a hair colour based on your Chinese zodiac

New year new hue

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you believe that each animal sign in the Chinese zodiac has a lucky colour, find out how you can apply it to your hair dye

Among the superstitions practiced during Chinese New Year include dressing in new clothes for festivities and replacing old bills with fresh, crisp notes. Another part of getting ready for the Lunar New Year? Getting your hair 'did'. If you're thinking of getting a haircut and colour, you should do it soon as some believe that cutting the hair too close to the actual date — 8 February — will um... snip away some of your good luck.

Even if you find superstitions nonsensical, you might still want to don a lucky colour based on your zodiac animal. But with some signs having lucky colours like violet and green, these may not necessarily work for conservative folk.

L'Oréal Professionnel takes away the guesswork, by finding wearable, modern shades from its salon-only Majirel range and colour matching it to each signs' corresponding lucky colours in its My True Colours campaign. A monkey this year? Try Intense Ash Brown or Light Gold Brown. Snakes meanwhile, should be partial to reds like Extra Red Copper Blonde. For the new year the brand is also introducing 10 new shades in its Majirel range, so there are even more hair hues and combinations you and your stylist can dream up.

Intrigued by yet another way to personalise and create a bespoke hair colour and cut? Head down to a L'Oréal Professionnel salon to get your perfect (and hopefully lucky) new 'do.