PFW FW16: The most eye-catching beauty looks

PFW FW16: The most eye-catching beauty looks

Shine bright like a diamond

Text: Renée Batchelor

It seems the eyes were the highlight at Paris Fashion Week, as the makeup geniuses found new ways to let them sparkle

While many houses went the natural beauty route, a few showcased a covetable blend of restraint and creativity. Whether it was the clever placement of eyeliner, a gorgeous and unexpected shade of lipstick or an artistic touch that walked the line between inspired and crazy, most were set against the cleanest of canvases for that Parisian insouciance. Here are the particular looks that we loved.

1. White eyeliner
At Stella McCartney, less was more. Just a tiny arrowhead of stark, white eyeliner in the inner eyes was enough to punctuate a clean, minimalist look. 

Stella McCartney

2. Soft, pink lips
At Rochas the soft, blurry lips — in a unique orange and fluoroscent pinks shade — were smudged at the corners. A makeup trend that can be applied on the go and is built to survive that fifth cup of coffee? Count us in.


3. Blinged-out eyes
At Anthony Vaccarello, the term winged liner took on a whole new meaning. The dramatic and densely pigmented, black liner was topped off with chunky diamanté pieces in an upwards tick shape. Accessories for your eyes have never been more luxe.

Anthony Vaccarello

4. Parallel lines
At Akris, there was the same minimalist vibe that most Parisian shows espoused. The twist? Maroon liner in a geometric pattern drawn neatly across the eyelid and even down the nose. Precise and attention-grabbing... we hope the cool kids adopt this look. 


5. Glitter pieces
Another glitter eye, but this one was more haphazard at the Atsuro Tayama show. Like a craft project on your face, apply the pieces randomly — and on the lower eyes instead of the eyelid — and with quality lash glue so they don't come loose. Carefree, windswept hair completes the picture.

Atsuro Tayama

6. Black lipstick
As predicted, goth lips were all the rage this season. Do yours the French girl way with a creamy-matte texture and gorgeous eggplant shade, natural mascara and nothing else.


7. Craze, anime eyes
Okay, so maybe this look crosses the line from subversive to scary. But there's something oddly bewitching about the exaggerated eyes — that are literally all pupils — and the faux lash combination. 

Dorhout Mees

8. Modern Cleopatra
As Cleopatra in the 1963 film adaptation, actress Elizabeth Taylor wore distinctive gaudy-glam eye makeup. Think of this as the pared-down, cool girl version. There's still the gold glitter and elongated shape, but it's so much edgier.

Emmanuel Ungaro

9. Pink lips and glossy eyes
Think you've tried every possible combination out there? How about glossy, taupe shadow a pop of pink blush, and a hot fuchsia lip?

Alexis Mabille