Pastel makeup will be big in 2016

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Pastel makeup will be big in 2016
Shu Uemura's spring collection hits all the right notes with a selection of airy, powdery pastels

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that 2016's official pantone colours are rose quartz and serenity. Say what? Well rose quartz is a pale pink, and serenity a cool, tranquil shade of blue. They're actually pretty nifty when paired together. But other than flagging them as possible wall colours, design elements or handbag shades, you'll find that they're best worn as makeup colours. Where to wear them? On the eyes for a start. Shu Uemura pastel fantasy collection has a beautiful selection of pale shades that hit all the right notes. 

Shu Uemura Spring 2016 colours

Other areas where the shades will not go amiss — on the cheeks if you're fair-skinned — or the nails. But can you overdose on the sweet stuff? The answer is a decided yes. How to avoid looking like a sugared confection? Stick to one or two pastel elements at a time. And ground your pastels with more wearable neutrals like brown and grey. Light eyeshadow still needs a bit of definition, but avoid harsh shades like black on your brows, liner and lashes and stick with a softer brown instead. Punch up pale pink lips with darker, smokier eyes for a sassy 1960s spin straight out of Twiggy's style book. Or don a pair of pink lashes — yes, they're a thing — to give a whole, new definition to sweet thing.

Pastel Fantasy False Eyelashes, $34

From $25-$50. At Shu Uemura counters from 1 January 2016

Text: Renée Batchelor

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