Our new vice: Urban Decay's latest lip palette

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Our new vice: Urban Decay's latest lip palette
Always wanted to try ombré colours and all the latest lip trends, but not keen to shell out on a full lipstick? Try this fabulous lip palette instead

Let's face it. It's not often that you get down to the bottom of your lipstick tube. Unless you wear makeup seven days a week and are a loyalist when it comes to lippie shades, you'll sooner grow bored of a lip colour than finish it. A lip palette is kind of brilliant if you like to switch up your lipstick look from time to time or if, like us, you carry four to five lipsticks around on a daily basis. This one by Urban Decay is pitched just right — you don't have to be a makeup artist to get the most out of it, but it's not filled with boringly basic nudes and reds. 
Vice Lipstick Palette in Blackmail
The Vice Lipstick Palette come is two colourways Blackmail and Junkie. Each has a dozen shades for just $58. Normally we don't quibble over prices when it comes to satiating our lust for makeup, but the fact that both palettes run the gamut from light to dark make them super worthwhile. If you want a blend of basic hues mixed in with more daring pops of color, try Blackmail. You'll find cult faves like 714, a bright, matte red and 1993, a matte brown that recalls the Grunge era. If you're more experimental when it comes to your facepaint, try Junkie — a palette only available at Sephora outlets and via their online store. Shades range from sexy nudes like Safe Word and Carnal to Vanity Kills — a lush lavender that looks like it belongs on the Scream Queens set — to Junkie, a metallic green that lets you channel your inner Kermit.
Vice Lipstick Palette in Junkie
Unlike other lipstick palettes, you don't have to worry that the quality of these lipsticks is sub par. These are the exact same formula as the brand's new Vice lipsticks, but poured into a palette. They apply smoothly and look amazing when worn and each palette comes with a retractable lip brush for precision application. If you're feeling daring, create a cool two-toned effect, like Urban Decay muse Ruby Rose is sporting (above).

$58 each. Available from November at Urban Decay stores and Sephora outlets 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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