Now to wow: Three quick and easy out-the-door looks with Nudestix

Now to wow: Three quick and easy out-the-door looks with Nudestix

Hello, nude nation

Text: Angelyn Kwek

In town to launch the new Magnetic Matte range, Nudestix co-founder Jenny Frankel and Chief Inspiration Officer Taylor Frankel dish on aceing your face the easy, nudeology way

If your face is a canvas and your makeup the ultimate expression of self, then Nudestix is the tool to project that 'confident in her own skin' picture, with everything you need to get your game face on condensed into a crayon. Take it from brand co-founder Taylor Frankel herself, a millennial who is conquering the beauty scene. And in true millenial fashion, her makeup is as multi-tasking as she is — a single product tackles as many as four different uses.

Tirelessly extolling the creed of loving your own unique look by not slathering your face in tons of makeup (also known as 'nudeology' at Nudestix HQ), the entrepreneurial ingénue and #momboss Jenny Frankel swanned onto our little isle in anticipation of the new Magnetic Matte collection where we grabbed them for a chat on what constitutes the perfect quick-fix beauty routine. So if you ever wanted to downsize your overstuffed makeup bag and go with a less is more approach, here are three Taylor-approved looks to rock:

Magnetic Matte Eye Colors
Mattes are trending everywhere right now. Were you inspired a lot by social media when you were conceptualising the Magnetic Matte Eye Color pencils?
Taylor Frankel (TF): We're chiefly inspired by our love for mattes and also by runway trends. Our creative director works on all the fashion week runways and his wife is a backstage makeup artist — they'll come back and say 'this is what is showing on all the runways'. And of course social media, because as much as people follow trends, a lot of things nowadays are inspired by influencers. And mattes are all the rage, even during the Golden Globes. It was hot in 2016, it's even hotter in 2017 and we wanted to capitalise on it. We're not only your everyday brand but we're also a trend brand, and we think that this was just a really innovative way to keep with the matte trend.

Jenny Frankel (JF): Because Taylor runs the [social media] accounts, we really pay attention to every comment and we really engage with our followers. That's where a lot of our inspiration comes from.

TF: It shows us what our followers and consumers are loving, and they want mattes. Whenever we post about mattes, we get thousands of likes. So it's also about gauging what people are reacting to.

Magnetic Matte Lip Pencil
Can you share with us how the formulation of the new Magnetic Matte Lip Colour Pencils differs from the existing Intense Matte Lip & Cheek range?
JF: If you love mattes, you have now two choices: The Intense Matte or the Magnetic Matte. The Magnetic Matte is like the most comfortable stain on the market while the Intense Matte is not a stain, but it's luxurious and creamy. So it depends on the texture you want. You can get a super creamy matte, or you can get a stain with the Magnetic Matte pencil — it's not as creamy but it has the wear.

TF: It won't go anywhere. You can eat, you can drink and it's completely transfer-proof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof once it sets. And you never get that, even with a liquid lipstick. The pencil goes on with an ease of application so you don't need a lipliner and a lipstick; you could line your lips and fill. It's lightweight like a liquid lipstick and it's long lasting. It also wears like a waterproof lipstain — like a tattoo — so we actually call it #liptattoo. Everything's extra with our Magnetic range: It's extra pigmented, extra matte, and extra long-wearing.

JF: We actually have two Magnetic launches — one for lips and one for eyes. The next big launch is the Magnetic Matte Eye. We're capitalising on the formula and on mattes because our tagline is #gonudebutmatte, and we have eight shades in this range.

Ally Frankel
What makes the new eight-shade Magnetic Matte Eye lineup the perfect go-to nudes?
JF: We have lighter shades to more taupe and plum colours. Our original Magnetic Eye Colour formula has a luminous finish, but we had so many asks from Sephora Beauty Advisors and social media requests saying 'we want matte', hence we launched an entire matte range. It has a beautiful matte finish yet it's creamy, giving you about 45 seconds to sheer it out and blend, and then it sets. It's your eyeliner, eye primer, eyeshadow and waterline colour all in one.

TF: You can create a nice smoky eye with it by just adding it to the outer corner of the eyelid, and then just blend it out onto the crease. This is great for the girls who want to create a smokey eye but isn't really comfortable working with a lot of makeup. They're also really buildable so you can just use a light hand if you want it to be subtle and natural. And that's it! It's so easy and you get makeup artist results without being a makeup artist or using lots of tools. My tip is to draw a 'V' on the outer corner of the lid  — it doesn't have to be perfect — and just blend that.

JF: It's really humidity-proof. It's not going to melt off in the heat, and you don't have to worry about it creasing even if you have an oily complexion. So it has really great performance for any climate, but especially here in South East Asia.

With these new pencils, as well as some of your favourite Nudestix products, give us the rundown of how you would get ready for:

Concealer, brow, and mascara. Everything has to look tamed and clean, and if I had to pick one more product, it would be lip. I'll choose a Magnetic Matte lip colour cause I can apply that in the morning and it'll last me all the way to the night.

Taylor Frankel
I would go with a bold lip in a deep red like Royal, which I would also apply a little of on my cheeks, and even cheat by using it on my eyes. It's my deflection colour for when you have no time to do anything else, so everybody will focus on the lips instead of the bags under the eyes.

I'll definitely wear a bold lip, and knowing me, I would apply more concealer. I'll also add on a highlighter because the lighting is dimmer when you're headed out at night, and highlighting really brings out your features.

The Nudestix Magnetic Matte collection launches in Sephora in February