Why nude beige is the hair colour shade to try this year

Why nude beige is the hair colour shade to try this year


Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Blow + Bar

Blow + Bar's newest Spring hair colour collection makes a case for the wearable hue — from full-on blonde to a peekaboo shade

If you're thinking of dyeing your hair in 2018, you're probably wondering what colour will work for you. Whether you work in a conservative environment — hello restrictive workplace guidelines — or are lucky enough to don crazy shades, there are still ways to update your mane. Blow + Bar's latest collection BBNude focusses on nude beige as the base line, but allows you to express your own individuality, by tweaking the colours to suit your preferences, while maintaining the seamless blend of colour that makes it look chic and expensive. Inspired by the no-makeup makeup look, the collection is meant to enhance all complexions.

We tried out the colour for ourselves at Blow + Bar's cozy shophouse digs in Boat Quay, and opted for the Tiger Eye option, because we did not want a colour that required too much upkeep. We were more than impressed by the speedy and fuss-free job that stylist Avan created that allowed us to keep darkness at the roots, while using balayage techniques to create caramel highlights at the end, for a sun-kissed effect that instantly brightened our complexion. Coupled with a BB Custom Mix Post-Treatment, our hair looked healthy and vibrant after the new colour. If you're keen to try one of these shades, but are hesitant as to what will suit your lifestyle, here are some options from the collection.



The collection's Peach Sunset is just what the doctor ordered. Using a shadow roots and reverse colour melt technique, this blends peach, pink and muted pastels together, but doesn't grow out as obviously as lighter shades tend to do.

Peach Sunset

Opt for Tiger Eye, like us. Using key shades like honey, caramel, toffee and gold, this look is created with balyage and sombre techniques (and hand painting) to create a gradual lightening of the hair, so it finishes in a sun-kissed ends. Stylist Avan also explained that this is a good way to experiment with going lighter, as if you return to the salon to tone your hair (to prevent brassiness) you can opt to add more highlights on the top, creating the illusion of blonder hair over time.

Tiger Eye

If you're ready to go full-on Khaleesi blonde, or another shade of eye-catching platinum, then take the plunge with Nude Beige. Using micro-foiling techniques, this helps create multi-dimensional highlights that give the effect of a soft, glowing halo of hair. To update the look, try shades like cream beige and icy blonde that are trending now. This look, can be made lighter or darker, although we would recommend going as light as your dare.

Nude Beige

Blow + Bar is at 40B Boat Quay, 6438-7005