5 things you need to know about non-touring

5 things you need to know about non-touring

The 'anti-contour' contour

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @estellegv

Time to update your makeup glossary with a new trend that’s going to be your go-to

First came contouring, then it was strobing, and woe betide the girls who religiously do both because on-fleek sure as heck requires a lot of work and pro-blending skills. Speaking up from the beauty addict corner, we profess that makeup has gotten way too convoluted in recent years — what with Kardashian-level bronzing and the 1,001 ways (and products) to chisel your face — so thank the patron gods of beauty that non-touring has entered the scene. Now before ye skeptics snort and dismiss this as another 'here today, gone tomorrow' trend, we give you the lowdown on why you need to know this pared back sculpting technique is the perfect 'anti-contour' contour:

1. It's like spanx for your skin
Non-touring is basically a combination of contouring and strobing, minus the shadows and the dreaded brown 'stripes' cutting across your cheekbones. Think of it as a lit-from-within-glow, cleverly situated on all the right angles of your face to give you an ultra-natural contour — you know you're wearing it, but no one else is supposed to see it. Plus it's forgiving even in the harshest of bright lights. Bonus: Selfie and wefie-ready.

5 things to know about non-touring

2. It's perfect for summer
Since non-touring is much softer, it's a look that's totally ideal to crack out during summer — granted seasonal changes mean pretty much nothing to Singaporeans but we do live in perpetual summer — because the climate calls for lighter foundations. Instead of piling on the products to get a heavy, matte complexion, non-touring gives you a dewy glow not unlike that of the Korean actresses whose skin you envy.

3. It only requires three products
Primer, tinted moisturiser (or BB cream) and highlighter. Invest in a good primer that helps to even out and smooth the skin's texture because you're going to want your face to looks its best when it's 'nude', so to speak. And a lightweight base will provide a dewy finish instead of making you look greasy. Highlighter then goes on the high points of your face — brow arches, cupid's bow, apples of your cheeks, and the centre of your nose — to bring out your features. Just keep in mind that prep work is key here, and your holy trinity of non-touring products is selected based on your skin type; for instance, an oilier complexion should use powder-based highlighters and those with drier skin should look into getting a hydrating primer.

5 things to know about non-touring

4. And a couple of tools
Your favourite foundation brush, a beauty blender and your fingers just about do it. Seeing as we're not venturing into disco ball territory here, a light hand does the trick and your fingers are the best tools to blend out the highlight for a natural finish. A beauty blender helps to deposit the right amount of product in hard-to-reach areas with the pointed tip, and if need be, a small brush can also be used to dust on the highlighter — if you're going for a pressed powder formula — to prevent it from straying all over your face.

5. It's endorsed by all the hottest celebs
By 'endorsed' we mean flagrantly displayed all over Instagram, with famous faces such as Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner non-touring their way to the red carpets. The latter two model besties have even mastered the technique — as if they need more reason to look amazing in comparison to us mere mortals. With such compelling motivations, it's time to non-tour your way to greatness.

5 things to know about non-touring