Nars Audacious 2016: Q&A with model Aya Jones

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Nars Audacious 2016: Q&A with model Aya Jones
It's not often you see a model with Afro hair fronting a beauty collection. Nars breaks the mould with its new campaign

Nars Audacious 2016 is a sleek collection of favourites from the brand's Audacious line including the well-loved mascara, as well as new products like the Audacious lipstick in five, brilliant new shades — our favourite is the orchid-toned Kate — and four shades of brow defining cream. Also part of the range, is a new Audacious liner in two finishes — matte and shiny. Here model Aya Jones, the face of this campaign, as well as the brand's fall 2016 collection reveals her hair secrets and her favourite Nars products.

Nars Audacious Fall 2016
What was it like working with François Nars?
It was so interesting to work with François Nars. I got the opportunity to know him not only as a person but also as a photographer. Shooting this campaign was incredible, I'm so eager to see the photos.

What is your definition of beauty?
For me beauty is located inside as well as outside!

Tell us about your typical makeup and skin care regimen and why it works for you?
In general my makeup is very simple. I regularly use mascara, eyelid gloss, lip balm and a little touch of nude lipstick. I take care of my skin with a natural face cream and another cream for dark circles. In addition, I clean my skin with Micellar water, exfoliators, and masks.

What do you look for when selecting makeup (ease of use, colour, etc)?
When I choose makeup I pay attention to the ingredients, as well as finding shades that fit me.

What is the best beauty advice you ever received?
The best beauty advice was given to me by a hairdresser. To make the hair grow stronger, enrich it and make it shine, it needs an oil bath.  Warm castor oil in a bowl and apply it with a comb, then wrap your head with a turban and sleep with it on. Then wash it out the next day.

Aya Jones
What is your beauty philosophy?
The more your heart will shine, the more your face will shine!

Who are your beauty icons?
Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell.

What are your beauty indulgences?
A day at a really good spa.

What music do you like to listen to when you're getting ready?
I enjoyed listening to the last album of Rihanna and Jeremih.

What are your favorite Nars products?
I love the Restorative Night Treatment, it feels and smells so good. And also the Total Replenishing Eye Cream.

What was the first beauty product you ever wore?
Nail polish, then mascara.

What is one beauty product you can't leave the house without?
I can't leave my house without my lip balm.

Are there any beauty trends you'd love to try? Or ones you would never consider?
I will never consider colouring my hair, my hair is too delicate.

What is your favorite Nars campaign?
My favorite Nars campaign was the one with Tilda Swinton — the pictures are really clear, nude and pure.

What is your favorite product from the Fall Colour Collection?
I love the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows, especially the gold!

Text: Renée Batchelor

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